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Explosive Jump Free Fire, FF's New Mode

Explosive Jump Free Fire — Actually, Free Fire’s Explosive Jump mode was released some time ago. This mode is fairly new because it’s only a few months old. But even so, it turns out that not many survivors play it. Therefore, we will briefly describe the explosive jump of Free Fire so that in the future you will want to play this new Free Fire rush hour mode. Read also: How to Get Ice Token FF.

Explosive Jump FF

So what does this explosive jump free fire look like? Let’s just discuss in this article to the end.

Explosive Jump Free Fire

Explosive Jump Free Fire appeared in early January 2022 a year ago. Free Fire’s Explosive Jump mode at the beginning of its appearance can only be enjoyed in a few hours. So if in the last few days there was a mission where you had to play in Explosive Jump Free Fire mode, then there is a possibility that this will only take place within a certain time span.

Explosive Jump Free Fire can only accommodate 20 players. As in normal mode you will get off the plane but with a smaller map. For the problem of weapons, you can only use MGL140 with 40mmsr ammunition. But the fun thing is that by playing on Free Fire explosive jumps, you will use all high-level items, for example, Vests and level 3 bags. Also read: Rangers Voucher FF.

It is said that Free Fire’s explosive jump mode is because you can use jumping shoes items that can make your FF character jump very high. So, in this mode the use of jumping shoes is very necessary to avoid the opponent’s attack. Now, at this time of jumping, we suggest you to immediately shoot your opponent / jump shoot because the damage generated will be very large.

It’s just called Explosive Jump, so it’s true that everything that is done with a jump will result in extraordinary results. Therefore, so that you can win the Explosive Jump Free Fire mode, please read our tips.

Tips for Playing Explosive Jump Free Fire

We recommend the following when you play in Explosive Jump Free Fire mode.

  • Collect a lot of ammo.
  • Shoot higher due to the MGL140 gun when fired like a grenade.
  • Many keep jumping.

That’s all our tips when you play Explosive Jump FF mode.

A few of us about Explosive Jump Free Fire. Hopefully the information from us can provide an overview for you and can be useful. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Read also: Telcel Free Fire.

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