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Contents Free Skins for Sanrio Characters Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has released lots of great updates by bringing them to all of us. Moreover, by looking at the contents of the Sanrio Characters Mobile Legends (ML) Draw Prize, we can see that cool prizes have appeared. Of course, the presence of all these things shows that the new Skin from Draw is really cool.

Moreover, with some things that we can get directly from the Mobile Legends game, there will be more and more and you have to try. Including some cool good Events from here, it will indeed provide something good for you to try.

Including the existing Mobile Legends x Sanrio Characters Event Calendar, of course with this latest event, there are many new prizes. If you complete all of these Missions as well, it will continue to grow and of course, we will be more enthusiastic about completing all of them.

Because now there is also a Sanrio Characters Mobile Legends (ML) Draw Prize Contents, showing some of the prizes that we can get from here. It will definitely be the newest cool gift that you should try to see, who knows Hockey will get the gift now.

Contents of the Prize Draw Sanrio Characters Mobile Legends (Ml)

The latest Draw event with the name Delightful Vending Surprise will take place from March 5 to April 5, 2022. So during the event, players will have a chance to get the main prize of the currently selected Sanrio Characters Hero Skin.

Of course, this will be a pretty good main prize, even you yourself will be interested in all of it. Because by doing the first 10 Draws, apart from getting a discount, it turns out that 1 Skin from this Collaboration is guaranteed now.

That way, those of you who are also interested in the prize, must start Spin now and have every prize. Because it's not only Skins from the Sanrio Characters Collaboration that appear, but players will find other Skins that may be Bonuses from this event.

This is the contents of the Sanrio Characters Draw Prize that is already present in the Mobile Legends game for you to know right now.

Sanrio Character’s (Special Event Mobile Legends x Sanrio Character):

Angela – Heartstring (Hello Kitty)

Claude – Bad Bro (Bad Badtz Maru)

Floryn – Fluffy Dream (Cinnamon)

Chang'e - Moon Artist (Pompompurin)

Christmas Skin:

Miya – Christmas Carnival

The contents of the Sanrio Characters Mobile Legends Draw Prize are Collector Skins:

Yi Sun Shin – Lone Destructor

Valir – Demonlord

Epic Skin (Limited Dan Diamond);

Estes – Galaxy Dominator

Chang'e - Vine Cradle

Moskov – Blood Spear

Grock – Codename: Rhino

Valir – Draconic Flame

Roger – Phantom Pirate

Johnson – SABER Automata

Layla – SABER Breacher

Aldous – Blazing Force

Rafaela – SABER Savior

Cyclops – SABER Enforcer

Saber – SABER Regulator

Masha – Dragon Armor

Lunox – Eyes Of Eternity

Lancelot – Floral Knight

Lesley – Stellaris Ghost

Akai – Imperial Assassin

Roger – Dr Beast

Fanny – Skylard

Roger – Cyborg Werewolf

Martis – God Of War

Ruby – Lady Zombie

Irithel - Hellfire

Gatotkaca – Sentinel

Rafaela – Flower Fairy


Estes – Rattan Dragon

The contents of the Sanrio Characters Mobile Legends Draw Prize are Special Skins:

Hylos – Phantom Seer

Bruno – The Falcon

Cecilion – Phantom Count

Jawhead – The Nutcracker

Carmilla – Phantom Countess

Valir - Shikigami Summoner

Lylia – Future Star

Moskov – Javelin Champion

Uranus – Pinball Machine

Estes – Bishop

Hilda – Bass Craze

Natalia – Night Raven

Khufra – Gentleman Thies

Leomord - Jack O 'Lantern

Fanny – Lifeguard

Freya – Beach Sweetheart

Lesley – Cheergunner

Clint – Badminton Champion

Nana – Sundress

Elite Skin:

Luo Yi – Tenko

Bruno – Street Soccer

Zilong – Shining Knight

Minsitthar – Gilded King

Karina – Spider Lily

Vale - Kannagi

Saber Fullmetal Ronin

Granger – Doomsday Terminator

Khufra – Apophis

Kaja – Horor Whiplash

Carmilla – Magician Girl

Atlas – Fuel Turbine

Terizla – Flare

Cecilion – The Illusionist

Cyclops – Super Adventure

Nana – Slumber Party

Popol & Kupa – Tribal Howl

Yi Sun Shin – Roguish Death

Aldous – Death

The contents of the Sanrio Characters Mobile Legends Draw Prize are Normal Skins:

Kimmy – Steam Researcher

Lylia – School Idol

Granger – Bardic Whisper

Terizla – Abyss Guard

Chou – Hip Hop Boy

Badang – Iron Fist

Popol & Kupa – Hunting Pals

Cecillion – Wisteria Count

Gold – Professor Of Hell

Gloo - Verdant Enchanter

Khaleed – Prince Of Sand

Aamon – Night’s Edge

Aulus - Berseker

Carmilla – Wisteria Countess

Yve – Forest Hym

Benedetta – Honor Blade

Luo Yi – Yin Yang Mage

Baxia – Wild Totem

Phoveus - Horror Bringer

Atlas – Reactor Core

Natalia – Glass Blade

Cheap - Armored Lizard

Kagura – Flower Season

Esmeralda – Ruddy Dusk

Eudora – Flame Red Lips

Alucard – Lone Hero

Yu Zhong – Emerald Dragon

Valid – Pale Flame

Faramis – Dark Necro

So, those are some of the prizes that we can get from Draw this time, presenting cool and interesting prizes for us to have. Even my Esports saw in this Basic Rewards section, there are lots of Emotes as well as some additional items related to these Sanrio Characters.

Especially with the 4 main prizes already at the top, of course, the skin is cute and looks cool. So that you will also be interested in trying Spin, so you can get one of the new Skins in the latest Event.

Don't hesitate anymore after seeing some great and cool prizes like this, if you are in hockey maybe you can get all Sanrio Characters. According to my own Esports, when you receive the Draw Guarantee you get it right away.

Come on, hurry up and spin and see what kind of prizes you will get, maybe one of the Sanrio Character Skins will enter your account. It certainly brings a lot of fun when playing, because this skin is also related to elements that are quite more exciting than before.

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After knowing the contents of the Sanrio Characters Mobile Legends (ML) Draw Prize, those of you who are ready, just spin now. Immediately, 10 times the initial spin is guaranteed to get this new Sanrio Characters Skin prize, it will be cool one of the 4 Heroes you have later.

Then by looking at the Comparison of Claude Bad Bro's Skin Effects in Mobile Legends, it turns out that it really looks and can be felt from the effects. If you like it, maybe the enthusiasm and desire to get this will continue to appear and you can get it.

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