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Auto Win! List of Strongest Late Game Heroes in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the Moba games that has provided various types of heroes with unique skill abilities for the players. Every Mobile Legends hero, of course, has a different defense, both entering the early game, mid-game and late-game phases.

Late Game is a phase when the match enters 12 minutes and over. During the late game phase, just one small mistake can be fatal. So the players must develop an effective strategy to finish off the opposing team during the late game phase.

On this occasion, we want to tell you some late-game heroes strongest in Mobile Legends. What is the list of the strongest late-game heroes? Come on, just take a look at the following article reviews.

7 Strongest Late Game Heroes in Mobile Legends

1. Cecilion

The first strongest late game hero you can use is Cecilion. This Hero Mage can produce enormous damage if it enters the late game, because Cecilion has a passive skill ability ( Overflowing ) that allows skill damage to increase.

Cecilion is also one of the best Stack heroes who makes himself even more deadly. To collect Cecilion's Stack, you can use Cecilion's skill 1 ( Bat Impact ) and skill 2 ( Sanguine Claws ) towards the opposing team or Minions.

2. Alice

The next strongest late game hero is Alice, who is famous for having a very heavy lifesteal. Hero Alice has a passive skill ability ( Blood Ancestry ) that can absorb Blood Orbs, if Minions are eliminated around Alice. The more Alice absorbs the Blood Orb, the more Alice's attack damage will increase.

Alice can also get additional HP, Cooldown Reduction, Shield, and can even permanently increase Movement Speed . No wonder, if Alice is very difficult to beat, especially when entering the late game phase.

3. Aulus

The next strongest late game hero is Aulus. Aulus's passive skill ability ( Fighting Spirit ) can make his basic attacks even more deadly and can increase Movement Speed . So Aulus has very good mobility for rotation.

Aulus is a very deadly Fighter hero when he enters the late game phase, because every time Aulus increases his ultimate skill level, he will get additional attributes. Of course, Aulus needed to level up or reach the maximum level to get stronger.

4. Hanabi

The next strongest late game hero is Hanabi. Although Hanabi is very weak and vulnerable in the early game , Hanabi has a very deadly attack when entering the late game phase . The ability of skill 1 ( Ninjutsu: Petal Barrage ) that Hanabi has can reflect her basic attack towards the 3 closest targets.

Of course, with attacks that bounce and can produce great damage, you can rely on Hanabi to do war or team fights, even Hanabi is able to beat all the opposing teams that are gathered.

5. Lesley

The next strongest late game hero is Lesley. This Marksman Hero can easily finish off opponents in just a few shots, because Lesley has a passive skill ability ( Lethal Shot ) that can give additional damage to opponents when the game enters the early game or late game.

Lesley is also one of the Marksman heroes who has the farthest attack range , because of his ultimate skill ( Ultimate Snipe ) which can lock targets from a distance and can shoot 4 bullets at targets with great damage.

6. Sun

The next strongest late-game hero is Sun who is famous as the best Fighter hero split push, because Sun has a heavy lifesteal effect, high durability, and can do great damage. All of these abilities allow Sun to kill any target when entering the late game phase . Sun also has the ultimate

skill ( Clone Techniques ) which is able to summon a clone and can produce very high damage per second to the opponent. You can use Sun's Clone to lure or escape from your opponent's pursuit.

7. Aldous

The last late game hero you can use is Aldous. Hero Aldous has a very deadly Stackability for the opposing team, because Aldous can collect Stack up to 500, if he manages to kill opponents and Minions by using his 1st skill called Contract: Soul Steal .

The more stacks Aldous has, the more damage Aldous generates. No wonder, if Aldous can inflict enormous damage to opponents during the late game phase .

Well, those are some of the strongest late game heroes that you can use in Mobile Legends. Hope it is useful! 


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