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Amazon Prime Mobile Legends Event, Get Free Epic Skins and Many More

Amazon Prime Mobile Legends Event — Amazon Prime Members can now claim the free epic skin Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. So for those of you Mobile Legends players who have registered for an Amazon Prime account, you can have the opportunity to get free skin prizes in the event. Read also: How to Win the Instagram Random Comment Picker Giveaway.

Amazon Prime Membership Mobile Legends

Team up with your friends in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and form a team of 5 to fight against other enemies. Choose your favorite hero and build the perfect team. Amazon Prime’s exclusive loot includes powerful heroes to help you dominate the battlefield. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is optimized for mobile, includes ten seconds of matchmaking and games that take ten minutes or less to complete.

All the fun of PC MOBA games and Action games can be experienced from the palm of your hand. Crush your opponents with the touch of your finger. Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on the App Store (iOS), Google Play Store (Android) or Amazon Appstore and claim your loot today!

Amazon Prime Mobile Legends Event

If you are an Amazon Prime user, please claim your prize. The prizes from Amazon Prime Members are as follows. But make sure you have registered for an Amazon Prime account first to take part in the Amazon prime Mobile Legends event.

List of Amazon Prime Mobile Legends Event Prizes

During the Amazon Prime Mobile Legends event which starts from October 9, 2022 to October 23, 2022, you have a chance to win Epic VENOM skins starting from Gusion, Angela, Grock, Hanabi, and Harley. But remember, you have to register an Amazon Prime account first. Read also: How to Delete Photos in Mobile Legends.

The details are as follows:

5 Hero Trial Cards (7-day)

5 Skin Trial Cards (7-day)
Angela, VENOM Vespid.
Gusion, VENOM Emperor Scorpion.
Hanabi, VENOM Nephila.
Harley, VENOM Octopus.
Grock, VENOM Monitor Lizard.
Plus Battle Emote: Back Off! (Permanent).

Now, for October 23 to November 6, 2022, the list of prizes for amazon prime members is as follows.

Starlight + Lunox & Hanabi
Starlight Membership (7-day).
Lunox Hero Trial Card (7-day).
Lunox Trial Card Skin, Ash Blossom (7-day).
Hero Trial Card Hanabi (7-day).
Hanabi Trial Card Skin, Fiery Moth (7-day).

Next, the prizes for the amazon prime Mobile Legends event from November 6 to November 20, 2022, are

Lesley & Ruby Bundle
Hero Trial Card Lesley (7-day).
Lesley’s Trial Card Skin, Stellaris Ghost (7-day).
Hero Trial Card Ruby (7-day).
Skin Trial Card Ruby, Lady Zombie (7-day).

The Amazon Prime Mobile legends Event Prize from Moonton on November 20, 2022 to December 4, 2022 is

Bundle Sacred Statue
Sacred Statue Trial Card Zilong, Glorious General (7-day).
Sacred Statue Trial Card Miya, Moonlight Arrow (7-day).
2x Light & Dark Recall Effects (7-day).
2x Light & Dark Spawn Effects (7-day).
Crystal Elimination Effect (30-Day).
Heartbreaking Emote (7-day).
Come & Hit Me! Emotes (7-days).

Amazon Prime Member Prize 12/4/19 to 12/18/19.

SABER Squad Bundle

5 Hero Trial Cards (7-day)

5 Skin Trial Cards (7-day)
Rafaela, SABER Savior.
Johnson, SABER Automata.
Layla, SABER Breacher.
Cyclops, SABER Exploder.
Saber, SABER Regulator.

Amazon Prime Members Mobile Legends giveaway on 12/18/19 to 1/1/20.

Lucky Tickets + Odette & Sun Bundle

2x Lucky Tickets.
Hero Trial Card of Odette (7-day).
Skin Trial Card of Odette, Butterfly Goddess (7-day).
Hero Trial Card of Sun (7-day).
Skin Trial Card of Sun, Street Legend (7-day).

Amazon Prime Member Mobile Legends Prize 1/1/20 to 1/15/20

Meteorites + Karina & Badang Zodiac Bundle

2x Fortune Meteorites.
Karina’s Hero Trial Card (7-day).
Karina Gemini Skin Trial Card, Halo (7-day).
Badang’s Hero Trial Card (7-day).
Badang Leo Trial Card Skin (7-day).

The Amazon Prime Mobile Legends Event Prize on 1/15/20 to 1/29/20 is

Magic Wheel + Alucard & Gord Bundle

2x Magic Wheel Potions.
Hero Trial Card Alucard (7-day).
Alucard Trial Card Skin, Obsidian Blade (7-day).
Hero Trial Card Gord (7-day).
Skin Trial Card Gord, Conqueror (7-day).

Amazon Prime Mobile Legends Event Prizes on 1/31/20 to 2/12/20, namely

Fragments + Alpha & Minotaur Bundle

50x Premium Skin Fragments.
Hero Trial Card Alpha (7-day).
Skin Trial Card Alpha, Sea Gladiator (7-day).
Hero Trial Card Minotaur (7-day).
Minotaur Trial Card Skin, Orbiter (7-day).

* Please note, this amazon prime Mobile Legends reward content is not available in China, India and other embargoed countries.

How to Register an Amazon Prime Mobile Legends Account

If you have Mobile Legends: Bang Bang installed on your mobile device, make sure it is updated to the latest game version and then launch the game. Once you launch Mobile Legends: Bang Bang you will see a banner displaying this offer which you can tap on to claim. If you don’t see this banner, please head over to the Amazon MLBB events section.

You need an Amazon Prime subscription to claim this offer. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, simply launch Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on your mobile device to claim this content. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription, visit and start your free trial. After completing the free trial, you can claim the current offer in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

To learn more about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and this exclusive Amazon Prime offer, please visit

That’s our information about Amazon Prime Membership Mobile Legends event. Hope it is useful. Read also: How to Change Free Names and Flags Many Times in Mobile Legends.

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