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5 Ways to Play Newest 2022 Modern Combat 5 - games

5 Ways to Play Modern Combat 5 Latest 2020 Latest – Modern Combat 5 is an adventurous game that is famous today besides being cool, this game also displays graphics that are quite interesting to play. In addition, the features in this game are also very full power because they produce a uniqueness in playing it and the characters in this game are also very cool, good luck. Modern Combat 5 After being the inspiration for the Foxtrot Six film, this game is again a conversation among fans of the first percent shooter (FPS) genre. Modern Combat 5 is the first game in the Modern Combat series that can be played for free on almost all platforms.

Professional players from the game Modern Combat 5 from the RUSH UNITY Ozi team provide tips on playing professional games from the Gameloft developer. The following are tips from Ozi, as stated in a press statement received from Nimo TV, Wednesday, February 6, 2022:

Here are 5 Ways to Play the Latest 2022 Latest Modern Combat 5:
1. Try Headshot

5 Ways to Play Modern Combat 5 Latest 2020 Latest

The benchmark for an efficient game cannot be separated from the large number of experience points (XP) obtained. Therefore, Ozi also advises Modern Combat 5 players to do things that will give them a huge amount of XP. The number of headshots greatly affects the amount of XP, Ozi continued, so the more players do headshots, the amount of XP they get will also be large.

In addition, to help level up quickly, you can also use the premium Power User (PU) feature. “So players will get several advantages over a certain period of time, such as unlimited energy and bonus XP,” said Ozi.

2. Take advantage of the things around you

5 Ways to Play Modern Combat 5 Latest 2020 Latest

As he walks and looks around the playing area, Ozi emphasizes the importance of being able to use everything on the map to help. “Look around, there are items or buildings. Like walls and containers that can be used to hide from opponents,” said Ozi.

3. Keep Your Distance With Team Members

5 Ways to Play Modern Combat 5 Latest 2020 Latest

FPS games are games that can be maximized in groups. Besides being able to protect each other, team members can also exchange information about opponents and various features in Modern Combat 5.

“Try to always walk together with the closest team members, but don’t forget to always keep your distance from one another, the goal is to avoid being hit by the same opponent’s attack. If you are forced to play as a single player in the game, try to set personal targets as motivation. For example the target is to become the Top Global Warrior League,” said Ozi.

4. Play Honestly

5 Ways to Play Modern Combat 5 Latest 2020 Latest

It is undeniable, nowadays more and more irresponsible parties provide a kind of cheat or plug-in to provide shortcuts to players who want to win quickly and level up. Ozi urges all his players to uphold honesty.

He claimed not to support the use of such things because it would spoil the game. “Play fairly, fellow game lovers don’t have to mock each other or bring each other down,” he said.

5. Aim for the white dot above the opponent’s head

5 Ways to Play Modern Combat 5 Latest 2020 Latest

In addition to protecting yourself, the ability to attack your opponent efficiently also plays a big role in a game. Ozi admits that the level of ability to shoot with jelly takes practice gradually, but scope and sensitivity settings make a big impact on shooting accuracy.

“Because in Modern Combat 5 there is almost no recoil, so the sensitivity and foresight settings of the players will be very influential in providing accurate attacks,” said Ozi. “Always try to aim for the white dot slightly above the opponent’s head, so that when shooting, the shot shifts slightly and gets a headshot.”

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