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4 Hero Mobile Legends : Bang bang / ML at the end of 2022 - games

4 Hero Mobile Legends : Bang bang / ML in Late 2022Android Cam How are you today, here I want to provide information about 4 Hero Mobile Legends: Bang bang /ML in Late 2022.

If you are one of them, be patient because there will be several new heroes who are in the trial phase, guys! Currently, there are 4 heroes who are reported to have come to complete the collection of role fighter, mage, and marksman-mage.

Here are 4 Hero Mobile Legends: Bang bang / ML at the end of 2022 :
1. Harith, The Wizard of Seal

4 Hero Mobile Legends: Bang bang / ML at the end of 2018
Harith, The Wizard of Seal

The second of the Mage roles, Harith the mage is cute and small but has great damage to the enemy. Harith is one of the witches of the Feline nation, the same as Nana. Harith has the power to regulate time, and has a ball weapon that resembles a collection of energy. This character can attack with agile.

Harith has normal skills, as follows:

Passive Insight From the Key Harith gets 60% Resilience depending on the enemies around him. The Time Incision skill takes more damage after using any skill for 3 times.

A. Skill 1 Time Incision (Summon)

Harith makes an image of himself who will use the same skill from the position you specify, dealing 120 Magic Damage (+40% Magic Power) in a straight line. When combined with skill 2 will produce 240 Magic Damage (+ 80% Magic Power) to enemies in that area.

(mana cost 50/55/60/65/70/75 , cooldown 5 seconds)

damage 120/145/170/195/220/245 , Explosion Damage 240/295/350/405/460/515)

B. Skill 2 Time Shift (Magic Damage)

Harith moves to a designated location & steals some of the enemy’s Magic Attack around him to become a shield for 300 Damage (+ 200% Magic Power). Harith’s attack will deal 250 Magic Damage (+80% Magic Power) & slows down 70% to enemies. When it hits the enemy it will reduce the cooldown by 4 seconds.

(mana cost 110/130/150/170/190/210 , cooldown 10 seconds)
(next attack damage 250/280/310/340/370), shield thickness 300/350/400/450/500/550)
movement speed reduction 70%, cooldown reduction after attacking 4 seconds)

C. Skill 3 Matrix of Time (Ultimate)

Harith summons the Matrix of Time in the shape of a cross, reducing the Cooldown of Time Incision by 4 seconds. Enemies affected by this skill cannot move for 1.2 seconds and get 50% slo. If Harith is included in the Matrix of Time, the Cooldown of Time Incision & Time Shift will decrease by 2 & 4 seconds.

(mana cost 120/160/200 , cooldown 40/35/30 seconds)
(Reduction of cooldown time incision 4 seconds, root duration in matrix 1.2 seconds, slow 50%)

The skills are great, guys! can be a crowd control if used properly. So, here are the advantages & disadvantages:

  1. Strong burst damage with fast skills
  2. Blink skill
  3. Crowd Control
  4. Weakness:
  5. Complicated to use at first
  6. Only suitable for combo skill users

2. Vale, The Wind Talker

4 Hero Mobile Legends: Bang bang / ML at the end of 2018
Vale, The Wind Talker

Coming again from the role mage, this is Vale the ruler of the wind. Vale’s presence equips magicians who utilize elements such as Valir with the fire element and Aurora with the ice element.

Uniquely, if you look closely, Vale & Valir have similar physical characters. It was possible that they were brothers or fighting partners.

Surely you are curious about Vale’s skills? Here are the Vale skills:

Passive Windtalk, Every time the ultimate skill gets a level up, Vale gets 1 more skill level up.

A. Skill 1 Wind Blade (Magic Damage)

Vale takes out a wind blade to the area it is aiming at, dealing 230 Magic Damage (+80% magic power). Vale can amplify this skill’s damage or expand its area after Ulti level up.

(damage 230/270/310/350/390/430 , mana cost 90/95/100/105/110/115)

B. Skill 2 Windblow (Magic Damage)

Vale creates a hurricane that is directed in front of him, dealing 120 Magic Damage (+45% magic power). Vale can add a stop-on-hit or knock-up effect to this skill when he raises his Ulti level.

(damage 340/380/420/460/500/540 , mana cost 90/95/100/105/115 , cooldown 11/10,5/9.5/9/8.5)

C. Skill 3 Windstorm (Ultimate)

Vale creates a large windstorm in the direction it points, then it will explode in 1 second and deal 750 Magic Damage (+180% magic power). After raising the level of this Ulti skill, Vale can increase damage or give this additional crowd control skill.

(mana cost 150/200/250 , cooldown 45/40/35 seconds)
(damage 750/900/1050 , duration reaches 1 second explosion)

Okay, after knowing the skill, it can be concluded that Vale is a mage with crowd control. Is it possible to become a hero with the best crowd control? We’ll just have to wait for it to be officially released.

Following are the advantages & disadvantages of Vale:
  1. Incredible burst damage
  2. Upgrade skills according to your style
  3. Has the ability to gather opponents into one small area

Weakness : No escape ability
3. Kimmy, The Splater Queen

4 Hero Mobile Legends: Bang bang / ML at the end of 2018
Kimmy, The Splater Queen

The first is Kimmy the Spray Queen! Yes, as the name implies, he has the ability to spray fire guys. As usual, this new hero has 1 damage, 1 Utility, & 1 Ulti skill with 1 Passive.

You can see the full details below, guys.

Passive Chemist Instinct kimmy can shoot while moving

A. Skill 1 Wind Blade (Physical Damage)

Kimmy will turn her attack into a fireball that deals 15 Magic Damage (+60% Physical Attack)(60% Magic Power) which will explode & deal damage even if it doesn’t hit the target.

(damage per hit 15/18/21/24/27/30 , cooldown 0 seconds)

B. Skill 2 Chemical Refinement (Utility)

Kimmy will turn her attack into a fire spray that spreads to deal 14 Magic Damage (+50% Physical Attack)(+50% Magic Power) and slows enemies by 20%. If the enemy is hit by this attack 5 times, it will not be able to move for 1.2 seconds.

(damage per hit 14/16/18/20/22/24 , cooldown 0 seconds)
(20% movement speed reduction, root duration 1.2 seconds)

C. Skill 3 Maximum Charge (Ultimate)

Kimmy will fire a long-range blast that deals 238 Magic Damage (+180% Physical Attack)(+210% Magic Power) to enemies hit & 198 Magic Damage (+150% Physical Attack)(+170% Magic Power) to enemies around the explosion. Skills can be canceled when Kimmy gathers power to partially restore her cooldown.

(mana cost 0 , cooldown 16/14/12 seconds)
(damage 238/356/475 , splash damage 198/297/396)

Well, after knowing the skills you have to know what advantages & disadvantages guys have:

  1. Move while attacking
  2. Shooting distance of skill 1 & ulti is far
  3. High burst damage

Deficiency: Skill 1 & 2 must be turned off manually
4. Leomord, The Hell Knight

4 Hero Mobile Legends: Bang bang / ML at the end of 2018
Leomord, The Hell Knight

The last is Leomord, the royal knight led by Vexana. He had died during the war in the Fortress of Despair kingdom, then was resurrected by Vexana.

Leomord fights together with his favorite horse which can be summoned using one of the skills. What skills are those? Let’s look at the skill table below:

Passive Oath Keeper, Leomord’s normal attack deals burst damage when nearby enemies have HP below 40%.

A. Skill 1 Momentum/Phantom Stomp (Physical Damage)

Momentum: Leomord forms a shield that absorbs damage, then attacks with a charge and deals up to 450 Physical Damage (+120% physical attack) to enemies and gives a 60% slow effect. Leomord will issue an attack if it is subject to crowd control while charging.

(mana cost 0 , cooldown 7/6.5/5.5/5/4.5)
(damage 450/510/570/630/690/750 , 60% movement reduction)

Phantom Stomp: Barbiel attacks forward dealing 375 Physical Damage (+100% physical attack) area & gives 60% slow effect.

(mana cost 0 , cooldown 5.5/5/4.5/3.5/3 seconds)
(damage 375/425/475/525/575/625 , 60% movement reduction)

B. Skill 2 Decimation Assault / Phantom Charge (Physical Damage)

Decimation Assault: Leomord attacks his weapon in the direction you specify & deals 300 Physical Damage (+50% physical attack) & gives a 50% slow effect.

(mana cost 0 , cooldown 14/13/12/11/10/9 seconds)
(damage 300/340/380/420/460/500 , slow 50%)

Phantom Charge: Barbiel charges in the designated direction and deals 300 Physical Damage (+50% physical attack) and pushes them back.

(mana cost 0 , cooldown 8.5/8/7.5/6.5/6 seconds)
(damage 300/340/380/420/460/500 , knock back)

C. Skill 3 Phantom Steed (Ultimate)

Leomord called me & yes, Barbiel to the battlefield. Barbiel’s attack when entering the battle produces 350 Physical Damage (+100% physical attack) & slows 50%. If Barbiel is directed at Leomord then he will ride it for 15 seconds & get a special skill. While riding Barbiel, Leomord can attack while moving & get additional movement, physical/magic defense of 40 points.

(mana cost 0 , cooldown 50/45/40 seconds)
(damage 350/475/600 , slow 50%)

(movement bonus, physical/magic defense 40/60/80 , 15 seconds riding duration)

Wow! With this the skill you get will be different according to the use of your Leomord. Jaka will definitely use Barbiel to chase him or he can run away too, guys. Here are the advantages & disadvantages of Leomord:

  1. Has slow in almost all skills
  2. Ability to game comeback
  3. Weaknesses: Has a relatively low HP

Well, that’s the hero who will appear in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang at the end of this year or maybe early 2022 guys. Let’s hope that the hero above is quickly released to the official server!

If you can’t wait or want to try it first, you can play this hero on the advance server, guys!

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