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13 Hero Counter Gatotkaca Mobile Legends

Gatotkaca looks like he will be a Tank hero who will be included in the meta ranks in the upcoming season 17 of Mobile Legends. This hero has received a revamp to buff so it has great damage and longer crowd control skills. This time we will discuss the Hero Counter Gatotkaca Mobile Legends that you can use.

In its latest update, Moonton presents several adjustments, starting from passive skills which are now getting sicker to skill one which has a stunning effect that is now getting longer. This makes Gatotkaca even more frightening in the free fire game.

Gatotkaca must be on the counter. The reason is that he is very strong in gank and team fights. But he still has a counter that is quite strong to use in Mobile Legends.

List of Counter Gatotkaca Mobile Legends (ML)

These heroes are very effective and very useful when fighting Ghatotkacha. My Esports has tested their strength.

With you knowing the hero counter to beat the Gatotkaca hero in the Mobile Legends game. You can easily defeat the mobile legends hero when a team fights. Let's see the following review.

This time several Mobile Legends heroes are able to counter every move from Gatotkaca. By using this row of heroes you can excel against them.


The first hero is Karrie. He is a marksman hero who has a special ability to fight all tank heroes, Kariie is able to defeat various tanks easily including Gatotkaca who has super strong resistance. This one hero can be your mainstay in Mobile Legends.


It's not wrong if Chou is also able to counter the Tank hero in the Mobile Legends game. Chou's ability to have immunity can be separated from stun attacks on skill one and ultimate Gatotkaca. In addition, Chou is able to carry out attacks on Gatotkaca such as locking and leading Gatot to the team crowd and ganking him.

Oh yes, if you want to counter Gatotkaca by Chou's hero, use the mobile legends item Critical and also Physical Penetration. This will make gatotkaca feel a significant reduction in HP due to the criticality generated by these items


Ghatotkacha does have a very hard attack in the Mobile Legends game, but this does not apply to this hero with a thousand hits. Badang was able to attack Gatotkaca repeatedly until his armor was damaged. Body attacks if the target is right can kill even the toughest tank heroes.


Next is Esmeralda who is one of the best fighter heroes that you can use to defeat Gatotkaca, with her passive ability to attack shields, she can easily defeat Gatotkaca.

The stronger Gatotkaca's ability to shield a match, the easier it will be for Esmeralda to attack the hero, as you know, Esmeralda is the best hero to counter heroes with high shields.


Next is Irithle which is one of the best heroes that you can use as a counter hero for Gatotkaca Mobile Legends. Irithel has a skill ability that can give an armor break to his opponent.

With this ability, it will be even easier to attack heroes who have very strong armor like Gatotkaca, now you can use Irithel to do that.


Carmilla can be one of the best heroes that you can use to beat Ghatotkacha in a match in Mobile Legends. This hero has the ability to absorb the magic defense and physical defense of his opponent.

With this passive ability, Carmilla can attack her opponent very freely and of course can make Gatotkaca lose easily in a match in Mobile Legends.


Kaja is the next Gatotkaca Mobile Legends hero counter in Mobile Legends. This one hero is a counter hero for all heroes who provide attacks that can make them have a suppressed effect on the opponent.

With this ability, Kaja will pull Gatotkaca in the specified direction, dealing real-time damage, and making the hero trapped and ganked by his opponent.


Finally, Minsitthar is one of the best heroes that you can use to counter Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends. With this hero, it is difficult for Gatotkaca to move.

Minsitthar has the ultimate skill which can make the hero easy to lock the opponent's movement. Every hero in the range of his ultimate skill is not able to move fast and can't even use any skills.


Granger has very high damage and in the late game, he is very difficult to stop. Gatotkaca is also relatively easy to kiting which is one of the advantages of Granger.


The attack that Dyrroth gives is indeed very deadly, even Dyrroth also has the ability to weaken the Defense of the Enemy. Of course, a very strong Gatotkaca like this will not last long, because Dyrroth's attacks can provide a very large total, especially during a Duel.

Try to make the Bar full first, then give Skill 2 to Gatotkaca and give Basic so that the Defense Decrease effect takes effect. Next, we can use Skill 1, so that it interferes with Gatot with such a large Damage and Slow effect. You even have to keep doing that combo, if you or Gatot are dying, use Ultimate.


Melissa's ability to deal double damage to enemies, of course, something like this is able to counter Hero Gatotkaca. However, it feels quite vulnerable, even though you can but there are 2 possibilities for Gatot to lose or you lose.

When you duel with Gatotkaca, make sure to attack him from afar. Having a high defense, he will definitely be confident to go forward, but when you are hit by Skill 2 and attacked, you must be Ultimate. In 4 seconds you will receive various advantages in attacks to immediately weaken Ghatotkacha. If you are not strong, you can bring a friend.


Is a very strong Hero Fighter Tank, it can even show its HP which is of course Layered. Skill 1 will reduce HP but increase Damage and Attack Speed, then Skill 2 makes the opponent unable to use Basic Attack and Ultimate reduces 50% HP from both parties.

If you want to counter Gatotkaca, make sure you have 3 HP bars to do that because you have to use Ultimate to open it. When you go forward and attack this Gatotkaca, players must use Skill 1 and Ultimate then skill 2 to give them a chance to beat. The lower the HP, the more deadly Masha is, and don't be afraid. When you have won, fill in HP 1 Layer using Skill 4.


The undying power that Argus has, of course, will help players find it easier to calm the Duel against Gatotkaca. Because with the Passive and other strengths of this Hero, it is clear that Argus cannot be killed so easily especially when he is already dying.

When the Duel with Gatotkaca is in the Build state, Argus has a greater chance of winning. Because it is supported by Ultimate and the speed of its attacks and the weakening of Defense, of course it makes the enemy unable to move at all even though it's Billy.

So that's all the counter heroes for Gatotkaca in the Mobile Legends game. Indeed, quite a lot of heroes are able to do the same thing. We only present the best of the best to beat Ghatotkacha when you are faced with a team fight

That's all, information about the line of hero counters to fight Gatotkaca who has gotten a Buff in the upcoming 17 Mobile Legends season. Have a nice play.

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