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10 Hero Mobile Legends Similar to DOTA 2

Mobile Legends has now become an existing game that is played by many Indonesians. But even though Mobile Legends is famous and has many players, that doesn’t mean this game is free from weaknesses and controversy. One of the controversies that many netizens talk about is the Mobile Legends hero plagiarizing with other MOBA games.

One of them is the Dota 2 moba game. What are the mobile legends heroes that are plagiarized or similar to the Dota 2 hero? Read more here:

1. Grock with Earthshaker

Grock has a skill to block enemies similar to Earthshaker in Dota2. Both also have the same weapon in the form of a totem. In addition, earthshakers are also included in tank heroes like Grock. The appearance of the two heroes is also almost the same.

2. Ihritel with Mirana

Ihritel has a skill and appearance that is very similar to Mirana Dota 2. He both has a light drop from above that will deal fairly high damage. Selin was both Ihritel and Mirana riding the same animal.

3. Bane with Kunkka

Bane has a physical form that resembles Kunkka in Dota 2. Both are pirates and have deadly cleaving passive skills. The ultimate skill of the two is also the same, namely issuing a ghost ship that gives area damage.

4. Lunox with Invoker

Lunox is predicted to be the hero who has the most skills in Mobile Legends. This makes Lunox similar to the Invoker hero in Dota 2. Both of them can also issue orbs that provide various skill combinations. Invoker itself has 10 different skills and when issued sequentially will produce extraordinary combos.

5. Ax with Balmond

Balmond has a physical appearance similar to Ax in Dota 2. Both are red-skinned, big, and scary faces. The ultimate skill is also very similar, the only difference is that Balmond has a skill area while the Ax skill is one target.

6. Jawhead with Tiny

Jawhead has a toss skill. Which is similar to tiny in Dota 2. Both of them can throw enemy heroes at friends. Or where you want.

7. Lancelot with the Spirit Bucket

Both Lancelot and Ember Spirit have extremely high mobility. These two heroes have very similar skill 2, which is to attack certain areas without being seen and also cannot be attacked when using them.

8. Hayabusa with Juggernaut

Haya foam has the ultimate skill in the form of a shadow that continues to damage the target enemy. The advantage of this ulti is that Hayabisa cannot be attacked while using it and can chase enemies anywhere until her ult is complete. Juggernaut is also the same, it’s just that the juggernaut takes out a slash of his shining sword while using this ulti. And looks cooler.

9. Fanny with Timbersaw

Fanny has a cable skill that can take her anywhere quickly while dealing considerable damage when hitting enemies. Same thing with Timbersaw. This strong hero has a chain that is attached to a tree, then the enemy will be exposed to pure damage when hitting it. The difference is that Fanny needs a wall to be able to fly, Timbersaw only needs trees.

10. Brewmaster with Akai

Brewmaster doesn’t have the ultimate spinning skill like Akai. But in terms of appearance both are similar. Both fat and cute. Both also include tank heroes and initiators who are in charge of starting the fight.

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