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Top 7 Heroes That Should Be Banned In Season 10

After Season 9 ended in mid-September, now Mobile Legends has officially started its newest tenth season. In Season 10, there are already Heroes who are often Banned in Rank. Most of the heroes that are often banned in Season 10 are heroes who get Meta in Season 9. However, on average, the heroes that are banned in this season are newly released heroes. And here are the Heroes that you currently need to be Banned in Ranked Mode in Season 10.

1. Selena

After its release in Mobile Legends, Selena already got her Meta right away, thanks to Skills with 2 fierce modes. Moreover, Selena is one of the heroes who has the longest stun to beat Moskov. This makes Selena a frightening specter for her opponent even though it is a Tank. And in Season 10, Selena becomes the first mandatory Hero to be Banned in Rank.

2. Helcurt

For some reason Helcurt was still a terrifying Hero to his opponents. Even though he had become a rarely selected Hero in Match after its release. But now Helcurt is always the first choice to be Banned in Rank replacing Lancelot. Thanks to his Ultimate and Passive Skills, it will be difficult for opponents to deal with this Hero. Moreover, Helcurt is the Counter of the Assassins.

3. Mino

Having triumphed in Season 4 made Mino the most needed Tank. But since Season 6 this Hero has been abandoned for several reasons. Because it makes Moonton for this Buff Hero. Finally in Season 9 Minotaur became the main choice of Tanks in the Ranked. In fact, not infrequently this Hero is often Banned, replacing Johnson who had become a Ban subscription.

4. Lunox

At the beginning of its release this Hero has indeed become one of the dangerous heroes. Even Lunox immediately got his Meta thanks to a skill that troubled his opponent. As a result, in Season 10 Lunox becomes one of the heroes that must be banned for every rank. However, considering that Lunox is a new Hero, it is possible that Lunox will be hit by Nerf.

5. Karrie

Having gotten her Meta in Season 9 made Karrie the main choice for MM in every match. By relying on a build that is quite different from most other MMs. Thanks to his Passive Skill which is very useful for Tank-type enemy heroes, Karrie is able to make the enemy’s front line topsy-turvy. That’s the reason why Karrie is one of the heroes that must be banned in Season 10.

6. Alice

Even though she’s been buffed a few times, Alice is still one of the least used heroes in the rankings. But after getting her Meta, Alice is now a terrible scourge for her opponent. Even Alice is one of the main choices in Match tier Mythic and above. Thanks to this, Alice deserves to be one of the Heroes who should be banned in Season 10.

7. Hayabusa

After getting a change in his Skill, making Hayabusa a very dangerous Assassin. As a result, this Hero is always the first choice in getting banned. But over time this Hero also began to fade in Banned because he had time to get Nerf on his Ulti. But still Hayabusa is still a terrible scourge for his opponents.

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