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List of Heroes and Items for Counter Harley Mobile Legends 2022

Regarding the Moba Game – Hello Sappo, this time we will discuss how to Counter Hero Harley Mobile Legends 2022, Harley occupies the second position in the list of the most frequently banned heroes in July and August 2022 with a percentage of 61.71%.

Harley is a Hero Mage with high mobility who has a Damage Burst that is able to take down enemies with just one combo, this is what makes Harley very feared and most players choose to ban this hero.

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Sometimes our team forgets or deliberately doesn’t get banned for Harley with the aim that our team can use this hero, but what if the enemy team uses it? Don’t worry because there are several ways that you can use to Counter Harley, starting from using a Hero that makes Harley unable to move freely or by using Items that have a passive to hold Harley’s Ultimate Skill, here’s a full explanation:

List of Hero Counter Harley Mobile Legends

1. Saber

Saber Mobile Legends

Saber is one of Harley’s natural counters, Saber has an Ultimate Skill with a very high Crowd Control effect and the damage from Saber’s Ultimate Skill is very high, it can take down Harley in one attack.

2. Kaja

Kaja Mobile Legends

Kaja is a Fighter/Support type Hero who has Magic attacks, when dealing with Harley, Kaja is very suitable to be used as a Roamer or Tank Support because Kaja has an Ultimate Skill to lock Harley’s movements for a few seconds and can be pulled towards our Hero Damager.

3. Eudora

Eudora Mobile Legends

Eudora is also very suitable for you to use for Counter Harley, with Combo Skill 2 and Skill 3 Eudora can Takedown Hero with low HP like Herley.

4. Chou

Chou Mobile Legends

Chou is a Fighter with high mobility and also has a Crowd Control Skill that is able to Counter Harley, besides that Chou also has a passive when walking a few steps so his damage will increase. You can use Chou for Counter Harley either as Offlaner or as Tank.

5. Franco

Franco Mobile Legends

This tank has a Skill hook that is able to attract enemies with a considerable distance, but this Hero is quite difficult to use, but if you can use this Hero it will be very suitable for Counter Harley.

That was the Hero that you can use for Counter Harley, besides the Hero there are also several items that you can use to avoid Burst Damage Harley, here’s an explanation:

List of Counter Harley Mobile Legends Items

1. Winter Truncheon

Items Winter Truncheon Mobile Legends

When you activate this item, you cannot use Skills and cannot move but you will be Immune to all Damage, you can activate Winter Truncheon when Harley directs his Ultimate Skill towards you, Timing in activating this item must be right because this item will in vain if you use it too quickly.

2. Immortality

Immortality Mobile Legends Items

If you have doubts or have difficulty using Winter Truncheon then you can use Immortality just in case you don’t become a target for Harley’s Ultimate Skill.

3. Athena Shield

Athena Shield Mobile Legends Items

This Magic Defense item will give you a Shield when hit by Magic Damage and will also reduce Harley’s Ultimate Skill Damage by 25% when directed at you.

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That was the explanation of Hero and Items for Counter Harley Mobile Legends 2022, visit Around the Moba Game to find out the latest updates about the Mobile Legends game.

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