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How to Counter Barats 2022 Mobile Legends

How to Counter Barats 2022 Mobile Legends – Barat is one of the heroes who are very wary of at this time, the brutality of this hero seems even from the beginning of his debut in the Land of Dawn, Barats and Detona seem unstoppable, this is because of his Passive, where the more Stack he gets, the more he eats strong and Deadly this one hero.

It’s as if the frustration of facing the West who doesn’t even die when in the gank makes players who are reluctant to deal with him make West a Banned target, this may be quite common when they don’t know how to counter using Barats.

How to Counter Barats

If it is understood again, Barats’ true strength lies in his passive, so minimizing being hit by the skill of this hero can be the main key in countering, especially killing Barats’ main stack source located in the Jungle behind the Turret or Klomang, or attacking this hero from a safe distance.

Behind the brutality of this hero, of course, the West has Pure Counters which can indeed make this hero difficult, even you can dominate the lane that you guarded against the beginning of the game, here are the West counter heroes that we recommend

The Most Ideal Western Counter Hero

Khaleed Hero Counter Barats 2020 Mobile Legends
Khaleed Hero Counter Barats 2022 Mobile Legends

1. Khaleed

Khaleed is one of the counters that you can rely on to defeat Barats, because this Hero is a very strong Hero in the Early game, which is in contrast to Barat, where Barats is a Late Game Hero, of course, it will be very difficult to face Khaleed at the beginning of the match.

In addition to having large enough damage, super fast regeneration abilities, and deadly Ultimate dams, Khaleed is perfect for dealing with the West even when he’s in full stack.

Dyrroth Hero Counter Barats 2020 Mobile Legends
Dyrroth Hero Counter Barats 2022 Mobile Legends

2. Dyrroth

Dyrroth can be an alternative choice for a strong Hero class in the Early game, Dyrroth can easily eliminate West with his Burst Damage, besides his agile movements can be a solution to avoid Crowd Control generated by Brats.

But for those who are dealing with the West Face to Face, you have to understand that the West is the deadly Hero you are facing, so choosing the right Timming or breaking the Stack chain will make it easier for you to take down the west using its Hero Counter.

Guinevere Hero Counter Barats 2020 Mobile Legends
Guinevere Hero Counter Barats 2022 Mobile Legends

3. Guinevere

Guinevere is a very unique hero, a Hero who is able to counter many heroes at once, Barats is no exception. His ability to provide long range attacks will be very effective in preventing Barats from getting a stack from you, coupled with Skill 2 and 3 which are Guinevere’s main damage sources. can easily eliminate Barast, provided you have broken the chain of his Stack.

Change Hero Counter Barats 2020 Mobile Legends
Change Hero Counter Barats 2022 Mobile Legends

4. Change

Change is a Hero Mage with a fairly wide skill area, so it will be very effective to deal damage from the beginning of the game from a safe distance, it will certainly make the West a hassle, in receiving damage and will have a lot of difficulty in dealing damage to Change.

In the current meta, Change is quite often used as a Coating or Hero that provides additional from a fairly safe distance, be it at 1-3-1 or 1-2-2 Changer positions will be very useful in countering Barats.

Nana Hero Counter Barats 2020 Mobile Legends
Nana Hero Counter Barats 2022 Mobile Legends

5. Nana

Who doesn’t know this hero, cute support is incredibly annoying, even almost all heroes will be annoyed with Nana and even Barats the strongest Meta Hero, with Molina Smooch Barat will be completely helpless, so for a meta dominated by support You can rely on Nanan to counter the Barats.

This is because West Pafis has the same Cooldown time as the length of Crown Control given by Nana, if it’s not enough just with Molina to cut off the West movement, you can add Ultimate when stopping Barats Movement.

The discussion above is the easiest way to counter Barats by using heroes with unique abilities, of course there are other heroes that you can use to counter Barats. Are there your favorite heroes among these heroes…? or do you have any other Hero suggestions..? please tell us in the comments column.

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