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Build Esmeralda Sick 2022 Mobile Legends

Build Esmeralda Sick, Strong 1 vs 5 – Esmeralda is a hybrid hero, namely a hero who has two roles at once, namely a mage and a tank, this hero is quite strong and even strong enough to be included in the TOP Ban category in ranked mode. Apart from having quite painful damage, it turns out that Esmeralda also has a strong defense that is suitable to be the initiator.

At the current Meta, Esmeralda can be said to be almost unused because of the bans made by players, be it in the Legends or Mythic tear, but what makes us a little surprised this hero is quite often released in the Epic tear, so for those of you who are still in the hell tear, as much as possible take advantage of the opportunity from the release of the Deadliest Mage this season.

Esmeralda Mobile Legends

Even though Esmeralda is classified as a Hero OP, there are quite a lot of players who become a burden on the team when taking Esmeralda as a hero rank, This is due to the unsynchronized build and gameplay of the players who use Esmeralda, They assume that strong heroes can be paired with any build but of course, that’s a mistake very fatal.

Esmeralda Skill Explanation and Use

There are several important things that we think you should not miss in terms of using the Skill and passive that this Hero has, because even if you have used the Painful Esmeralda Build even if the combo you did is wrong, the maximum potential of this hero will not come out completely.

For those of you who still don’t understand this hero skill, here’s a little explanation about the skills possessed by Esmeralda.

Passive (Starmoon Caske)

Starmoon Caske is a passive that will produce 2 types of damage in the form of Physical and Magical, the enemy Hero who is hit by Esmeralda’s attack will get a Shield which is equivalent to 135% of the damage generated from his Magic attack, the point is the greater your Magic Damage, the greater the Shield received by the hero. against.

The shield obtained by the opponent can withstand attacks from any unit other than Esmeralda, but the Shield will be ignored when Esmeralda attacks the hero unit it targets.

Skill 1 (Frostmoon Shield)

Frostmoon Shield is a skill that makes Esmeralda very feared, in addition to being able to inflict damage of 500 (+150% Total Magic Power) along with a Shield and increase Movement Speed ​​by 40%, Esmeralda can also steal the Shield generated from passive Starmoon Caske.

The more enemy heroes that are hit by this passive hero, the thicker the Shield that Esmeralda gets, so it’s no wonder that besides her Mage attribute, this hero also has a Tank Attribute with enormous durability.

Skill 2 (Stardust Dance)

Stardust Dance is an area skill, when this skill is active Esmeralda will make a circular motion and give 210(+60% Total Physical ATK) and 210(+90% Total Magic Power) and using this Shiel will reset the Cooldown of Skill 1 for 1.3 seconds and will give Shiel to the opponent thanks to the resulting Magic damage.

Stardust Dance is a connecting skill between Skill 1 + Passive, where by taking advantage of the Cooldown reduction from Skill 1 you can provoke the growth of Shiel resulting from the Stardust Dance area attack.

Skill 3 (Falling Starmoon)

Falling Starmoon is an Ultimate Skill that is very suitable for entering or leaving the battle, besides that you can also use this Skill to target the Core which is usually at the back, but of course the use of this Skill will be different depending on the situation you are facing.

When this skill is activated Esmeralda can jump in the direction you specify, dealing 350(+90% Total Physical ATK) and 350(+140% Total Magic Power), When moving towards an opponent Esmeralda will cause an Immobilize Effect to the opponent for 1.2 seconds and the use of Skill 3 will trigger the Passive to activate.

Esmeralda’s Most Deadly Combo Skill

Combo from this hero is not difficult, it’s just that to get Combo comfort you must at least have 20% Cooldown Reduction, or have 2 CD items completed, but when you only have 1 CD Item you can outsmart by using the Blue Buff Effect.

For Combo Esmeralda you can use Skill 3 first, then use Skill 1 to absorb Shield and continue with Skill 2, then repeat Skill + Skill 2.

Esmeralda’s build hurts, the deadliest

As discussed above, in addition to layers, you must master the right Combo Skill, the right Esmeralda Build is also very influential in the success of the Combo that you do, here is the Sick Esmeralda Build, the strongest for 1 vs 5 though.

1. magic shoes

2. calamity reaper

3. feather of heaven

4. holy cristal

5. ice queen wand

6. queens wings

Recommended Battle Spells and Emblem Sets

Recommended Battle Spell

There are two Abilities that are used quite often by top global Esmeralda, of course, conditional, if the opposing hero has many types of CC heroes then Purify is a mandatory choice but if the opposing party doesn’t have a CC type hero, then just beat him up using Retribution.

Recommended Emblem Sets

There are two Abilities that are used quite often by top global Esmeralda, of course, conditional, if the opposing hero has many types of CC heroes then Purify is a mandatory choice but if the opposing party doesn’t have a CC type hero, then just beat him up using Retribution.

Mage emblems are mandatory emblems for Esmeralda with the build arrangement as we discussed above, these emblems have 3 abilities, 3 observations, and finally, the Mystery Shop so that your items are fast.

So that’s a brief review about Build Esmeralda Sick 2022, Most Powerful For 1 VS 5, For those of you who are curious Good luck, For those of you who have a recommendation for another Painful Esmeralda Build, please leave your comments. Thank you.

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