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What is Flik in PUBG Mobile Game

What is a flick in pubg game?

mrfdn – Maybe you’ve heard your friends or pro players say flick or flick when playing pubg mobile. For those who are still confused about what flick is, here’s a brief explanation.

Flick comes from English which means to flick / flick.

In the pubg game, it means how fast the player’s fingers are playing. This is closely related to pubg sensitivity which we discussed earlier.


How to set pubg mobile game flick

In terms of sensitivity to pubg games, we usually set it a little lower so that the movement isn’t too big. By setting lower then we can aim at the target more precisely.


There are also people who like to shoot fast. Well here the flick works. For example, you aim at an enemy without a scope, but using a shotgun only. If you set the sensitivity higher, then you will get a faster movement, or in other words, to flick faster.

Maybe you’ve faced an enemy but he’s quick to shoot (usually when playing solo vs squad). That’s because their flick settings were made higher.

The final word

Keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable with high sensitivity settings. Low settings will feel comfortable when controlling our players.

Player set the sensitivity high to get a big flick effect. Makes movement faster. So aim faster.

Flicking cannot be forced on every player, because everyone has their own way of aiming at the enemy. With continued practice, over time the fingers will smoothly play this game.

So that’s a brief explanation of the flick in the pubg game. I hope this helps. Please add in the comments column below if something is missing.

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