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Top Item Build Global Hanabi Sick 2022

Top Item Build Global Hanabi Sick 2022-Hanabi is a hero with the role of marksman, the unique skill of this hero is the only skill that can bounce off several targets. This hero with the form of a female ninja has an advantage in the late game if it is full of items with high attack speed and spicy damage, making this hero very scary in the late game. However, the weakness of Hanabi is that she does not have the skills to escape, so she will become an easy target for enemy assassins. Because of this deficiency, players usually cover it by using battle spell flicker.

Lately, it seems that Hanabi players have started to appear again in mobile legends, maybe because a few moments ago Moonton gave this hero a buff. Besides that, maybe because this hero will be very effective when the war takes place. With the right position, Hanabi will be very useful during war, giving CC from her ultimate skill and skill 1 which can bounce, not only on opposing heroes but also on minions or even turrets. Thus Hanabi you need to try his abilities.

Now on this occasion, we GMLBB will discuss the Top Global Hanabi Tersakit Build Item 2022. But not only the Hanabi build set from the global top that we will discuss, we will also recommend the Hanabi global top emblem set and also the Global Hanabi top Battle spell. For those of you who are curious, please read this article to the end. The following is an explanation of the article entitled Build Top Global Items for the Distressed Hanabi 2022.

The first thing we will discuss is the emblem set from the top global Hanabi. Although some players use assassin emblems for Hanabi, it turns out that top Global Hanabi uses marksman emblems for this ninja hero. You can see the set of emblems used by top global Hanabi in the image below.



Physical Attack +17

Attack Speed ​​+7.5%

Physical PEN +6

Physical Lifesteal +5%

Crit. Chance +5%


Within the next 1.5 seconds after dealing damage with a basic attack, movement speed increases by 40% and HP is restored by 30% of the hero’s physical attack. This effect has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

After setting the emblem, then we will discuss the battle spell from the top global Hanabi. As we have discussed, Hanabi has a disadvantage, namely that she does not have the skills to escape, making it easier for the opposing team to pick her up. Therefore, one of the anticipations is to use the Filcker skill, the point is of course to run away. But if you have reached the late game, usually flicker can also be useful for chasing the opponent’s hero who will run away.



CD: 120.0

Teleport to a certain distance in a specific direction. For 1 second after Teleport, increases 5 (+1*hero level) Physical defense and magical defense.

Next, our discussion is the build set from the top global Hanabi 2022. Build items in Mobile Legends matches are very important because these build items greatly affect the ability of each hero. So that the build items that we use can be maximized, we don’t usually buy the build sets at random. So, below is a discussion of the Hanabi global top build set.




+15% Attack Speed

Attribute: +40 Movement SPD



+30 physical attacks

+20% Attack speed

+25% Crit. Chanche

Unique passive- frenzy: critical hits increase hero attack speed by 30% and critical chance by 5%. Lasts for 2 seconds.



+65 Physical Attack

+25% Crit. Chance

Attributes: +40% Crit. Damage

Unique Passive-Doom: Critical Hit will increase the hero’s Physical attack by 5% for 2 seconds.



+40% Attack Speed

+20 Movement SPD

+10% Crits. Chance

Unique Passive-Typhoon: Every 5-3 seconds, Basic Attack hits 3 enemy units and deals 150-362 Magic damage. The cooldown of this effect is reduced to the minimum time when Crit. Change increases to 50% while damage increases to maximum when attack speed increases to 3. This attack can deal critical damage. Deals 200% additional damage to minions.

Unique Passive-Activate: Every time a Typhoon is issued, Movement Speed ​​will increase by 5% in a short time.



+10 Physical Attack

+25% Attack SPD

+15% Physical Lifesteal

Active Skill-Wind Chant: Immune to all physical damage lasts for 2 seconds. (duration is reduced by half if used by heroes other than marksman). Has a cooldown of 70 seconds.



+160 Physical attack

+5%Movement SPD

Unique Passive- Despair: attacking an enemy unit that has HP below 50% will increase the hero’s physical attack by 25% for 2 seconds. (effect activates before damage is dealt)

The last tip from me when you use Hanabi is, find the right position and be wise when using the flicker spell.

That’s our discussion this time about the sickest marksman hero in the late game. Hopefully useful and hopefully you can quickly become a top Global Hanabi. Thank you for visiting, don’t forget to leave a trace in the comments column, and see you in our next article. Greetings mobile legends! Greetings GMLBB!

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