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Top 7 Best Marksman Heroes Hurt Season 16 Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang

Marksman is a very important role hero in every game. Not only is it a mainstay for novice players, now MM is also often used by pro players, both in the high tier and in tournaments such as MPL. The reason is because there are currently many of the best marksman heroes in season 16 of Mobile Legends that you can use.

One of the characteristics of this hero role is that it is very weak in the early game but will be very deadly in the late game. But since season 15 and season 16 now that won’t happen again, because the presence of a red buff makes these marksman heroes able to do very high damage even in the early game.
Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the Top 7 Best Marksman Heroes in Season 16 of Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang.
In 7th place, Irithel is a Markman who has terrible damage in the late game. In fact, we can kill one of the opposing heroes with just two shots, besides that this ability also makes it very strong for the team fight. irithel can shoot while walking with her passive skill this of course makes it very difficult to pick up. This skill also makes Irithel’s basic attack higher because every first arrow will give an additional 4% damage.

Besides that, Irithel also has excellent abilities against thick heroes like Tanks. His first skill can reduce the opponent’s physical defense by 15 points for 3 seconds. Amazingly, not only us who can feel this effect but also our teammates will also feel it. Then skill 2, will have a slow effect on the opponent by 80% for 2 seconds. This ability is of course very effective in stopping the opponent’s hero from trying to escape, it will be even more effective if we combine it with Corrosion Scythe or Tunder Belt items.
The most frightening ability of Irithel is his ultimate skill, because this skill will give very high damage, not only that Irithel’s basic attack will also damage the area. So he will be very effective for the state of the team fight. One of the weaknesses of this marksman hero is that the damage is very small in the early game, even though the damage is not large enough even though it is assisted by the red buff. That’s why this hero will be very vulnerable in the early game and will take a very long time to farm.
In 6th place is Claude, whose popularity is currently losing to Karrie, Granger, Kimmy and Bruno. But Claude is still a very good hero if you use it with a very high attack speed. In addition, this hero is also very agile thanks to the combination with Dexter, and Claude’s basic attack is quite high thanks to his passive skills. Because when we shoot the dexter will also shoot by giving 20% ​​of the damage given by Claude. This skill really hurts, especially if you have become a Demon Hunter and Golden staff item.

Claude is also an agile markman thanks to his first skill, because when this skill hits the target he will get a stack that can reach 10 stacks. Each stack can increase Claude’s movement speed for 6 seconds. If you can maximize this skill well, it is guaranteed that the Claude you use will be very agile. Claude can also become a marksman who is more agile thanks to his second skill, because we can swap places with Dextar. This ability can be useful for getting in and out of team fights very easily, the mechanism of this skill is similar to Harley’s second skill.

The skill that Claude fears the most is his ultimate skill, he will attack targets around him for 5 seconds. This skill will be very effectively used for team fights and the damage will be even more terrible when you have purchased the Demon Hunter Sword item. If assisted by Claude’s red buff, this is very scary even in the early game, moreover he can farm quickly in this phase, we can use the ultimate skill to clear minions quickly, we can also maximize skills 1 and 2 so that we can roam quickly and appropriate.
In fifth place there is Kimmy, just like Irithel Kimmy also has the usual ability to shoot chili with streaks. As for the burst damage, it’s small but it can give deadly damage per second. Besides Claude, you can pick Kimmy if you need a marksman who can provide DPS. Kimmy can shoot while walking, thanks to her passive skill, this ability can be used to counter attacks against opponents who are chasing us, because we can keep shooting even though the condition is being chased.

Kimmy’s most terrible skill is her first skill, with this skill her basic attack will be changed to chemical ball. Each chemical ball will give very high damage and can explode this skill can also make us farming quickly. If for positioning we can use skill 2, while for finishing we can use the ultimate skill which is very far away, besides that the damage is also very large so it is quite good for shooting opponents who are trying to run away.

In 4th place there is Granger who has really crazy burst damage. Even crazier when compared to Irithel and Lesley. With just one use of skill 1, the opponent is already dying and even dying. The passive skill will really give very high burst damage, because each bullet will definitely give critical damage. Even the first skill can really paralyze the opponent easily because of its very high burst damage.

We can position with skill 2, not only that this skill will also make Granger’s basic attack increase for 5 seconds. The cooldown of this skill will decrease for 1 second, if skill 1 hits the target. For finishing you can use the Ultimate skill, this skill has a very far range and the damage is very large. Even this skill can also be used 3 times and gives a slow effect of 80% against the enemy. Well, enemies who have been hit by a shot from this skill will have a hard time escaping.
This hero is really crazy in the early game, especially if he gets a red buff. We can also farm quickly using the first skill. Anyway, it’s really suitable for those of you who want to push rank in season 16.
In 3rd place is Karrie who is a real tank killer marksman. He can very easily destroy heroes as thick as tanks with his passive skills. The existence of a red buff will make Karrie even more frightening because it will make her true damage higher, especially when combined with true damage items such as raptor machetes, endless battles and tunder belts. These three items will make enemy tankers weak like crackers.

Karrie is also a marksman who can be quite good for positioning thanks to his 2nd skill. Meanwhile, when the ultimate skill is active we can issue two marks at once to the opponent, that way we will more often give true damage. Karrie’s shooting range is indeed quite close, but it’s still fun to play because she can be fast enough for farming even when the war is still effective even if it hits a tanker. This hero is really suitable for you to use push rank in season 16. Moreover, this hero is rarely banned.
In 2nd place is Bruno, currently Bruno has transformed into a very feared marksman hero, because he can give very high and deadly burst damage. Even in the early game this hero is also very scary. One of Bruno’s scary skills is his passive skill, this skill will deal critical damage that can be stacked, and this critical damage will be higher when combined with the Seker’s Fury item.

Bruno is also a hero who is quite agile and can position quite well with his 2nd skill. Even this skill can also give a momentary stun effect if it hits the opponent. Meanwhile, the ultimate skill is very useful for the fight team because it can break the opponent’s formation with a knock back effect. And it would be even more terrifying when combined with a red buff.
And in the first place is the best marksman season 16 of Mobile Legends, so this Wanwan has complete abilities as a marksman hero. In addition to his agility and high burst damage, he also has an anti-crowd control skill effect. Even though it’s been nerfed this hero is still pretty good to use. Wanwan became the agile Marksman thanks to her passive skill. We can use analog to direct the jump, we can maximize this effect with attack speed items such as corrosion scythe and demon hunter sword.
Just like Karrie Wanwan, he is also an anti-tanker markman because he can give true damage thanks to his passive skill. In addition, he also has anti-CC skills such as purify, so he can be immune to Crowd control heroes such as Chou and Kaja. The most terrible thing about Wanwan is her ultimate skill, although it is quite difficult to activate it, but this skill is really OP. Because this skill will give very high Burs damage and can attack other targets if the first target is dead. So this skill is very suitable for War, but unfortunately not all players can play Wanwan because it is very difficult to use. But it’s balanced if we tie this hero very OP if used properly.
So, those are the top 7 best marksman heroes of season 16, but that doesn’t mean heroes who aren’t on this list aren’t good, all heroes are OP as long as you can understand their skills well. Please write your opinion in the comments column, what marksman hero is suitable for push rank in this season 16 of Mobile Legends?

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