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Top 10 Mobile Legends Heroes With the Highest Win Rate

Mobile Legends has released many heroes to date. This is proven by the number of heroes that have reached tens, and continues to grow with the latest updates. Among all the released heroes there is a rank of each hero. One of these ranks is the Hero’s Rank Win rate. All Win rates are the result of all wins from Classic, Brawl, and Rank matches. This time I will provide information about Top 10 Hero Win Rate Highest.

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1. Johnson

In the first position there is a tank hero, namely Johnson. After the remake of this hero immediately rose to fame, this is evidenced by the Win rate that reaches 58.77% every match.

2. Yi Sun-Shin

In second place is the marksman hero, Yi Sun-Shin. Initially this hero took the first position, but the position was shifted by Jhonson. This hero’s win rate reaches 56.58%.

3. Vexana

Next is the hero mage, Vexana. Who would not have guessed that this rarely used hero actually has a high win rate. The win rate reaches 55.26% of every match.

4. Odette

Next, there is another mage hero, Odette. Although rarely used in ranked, this hero has a high Win rate. The win rate reaches 54.6% in every match, brawl and ranked match.

5. Zhask

Still a mage-type hero again he is Zhask. Who is not annoyed with this hero. Zhask is accompanied by his robot that has sick damage. This hero’s win rate reaches 54.07% in all matches.

6. Hylos

In the sixth position there is a tank type hero in the form of half human half animal, he is Hylos. This hero has a Win rate 53.84% in all matches.

7. Lolita

Who wouldn’t have thought, before this hero was remake it turned out that Lolita already had a high Win rate. Currently Lolita has a Win rate 53.28% every match.

8. Bruno

Next is the marksman hero, Bruno. This hero is one of the oldest heroes in Mobile Legends. With Win rate 52.77% every match. Bruno was ranked eighth of the overall ranking.

9. Irithel

Then in the ninth position there is another marksman hero, namely Irithel. The only hero that can attack while moving. Irithel has a Win rate 52.64% in all types of matches.

10. Kagura

One of the heroes who are often banned, he is Kagura. This hero is considered Over Power because each skill has great damage. So that the Win rate in every match of this hero reaches 52.45%.

That’s the list of Top 10 Highest Win Rate Heroes. All the lists above are sourced from the official Mobile Legends web site. If you want to get more complete information, you can visit the official website

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