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Tips to beat Helcurt who is very OP in this season

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Today I will give you more info about Mobile Legends heroes for sure. This time I will give you tips on how to beat Hero Helcurt who is very Over Powered this season.

Tips to beat Helcurt

Helcurt is a hero assassin who has a deadly brust damage skill and can silence the enemy so that the enemy cannot use the skill for a short time. In addition, Helcurt has the Deadly Stinger skill which is the main damage skill possessed by Helcurt which if this skill has a full stack it will give very drastic damage to the enemy. And the ultimate skill that can block the opponent’s hero’s vision and increase the movement speed of helcurt, is very good combined with skill 2 so that the enemy is quickly eliminated, guys. But don’t worry for those of you who are resentful of this new Helcurt hero, I will share tips on how to beat this Helcurt Mage, Check this out!.

If the tips on how to beat Hero Helcurt means we have to look for the weaknesses of the Helcurt hero. Now Helcurt is a hero assassin which means he has a thin HP. Helcurt is now often used by Mobile Legends players because it has overpowered skills. So this Helcurt, a scary Hero assassin because he has high damage, guys.

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Tips for Defeating Hero Helcurt based on his Weakness.

1. Weak Against Hero CC and Lock.
Tips The first weakness of Helcurt is weak against Hero CC and Lock. Even though Helcurt has a high damage skill, to use this skill you have to use the Ying-Yang combo so it takes quite a long time. So all the types of heroes that you know are not all invincible, they all have pluses and minuses. Helcurt is very weak against stun and for those of you who want to beat this Helcurt. When the enemy chooses Helcurt, we have to find the right hero such as a crowd control hero or a lock hero to defeat Helcurt like Khufra, Natalia, Chou, and Hayabusa.

2. Have a Thin HP
Tips The second weakness of Helcurt has a thin HP. So when helcurt solo is easy to get rid of because he has a thin HP so Helcurt can’t do one by one with the enemy. The hero who can defeat this Helcurt, I mentioned above, so you can use it to target this Helcurt.

This is Counter Hero Helcurt

1. Weak against Hero CC
The crowd control heroes that are suitable for countering Helcurt are Franco and Khufra. Hero Franco and Khufra are including tanker type heroes. Franco and Khufra are types of tanks that can counter Helcurt by removing skill 2 from Khufra which can provide CC skills and Franco who can provide a hook with skill 1 so that he can pick up Helcurt. Although this skill cannot immediately eliminate Helcurt, but if there is a hero core we can eliminate Helcurt. Now for those of you who already think that Helcurt is a scary hero, he is said to be the most feared, now you can use Franco and Khufra.

2. Weak against Hero Lock
The lock heroes or lock heroes for the Helcurt counter are Natalia and Chou. Hero Chou and Natalia are suitable for eliminating Helcurt because Helcurt has a thin HP. When Chou and Natalia face this Hero Helcurt, don’t worry because Helcurt is weak with by one because it takes time to use combo skills. When Helcurt was alone, it was a good opportunity to eliminate Helcurt using both Natalia and Chou.

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3. High Damage Hero ByOne
High Damage Heroes Byone counter Helcurt are Hayabusa and Ling. Hayabusa and Ling are able to eliminate Helcurt solo kills because they have high damage. When Hayabusa and Ling face this Hero Helcurt, don’t worry because Helcurt is weak against this hero. When Helcurt byone against hayabusa and ling, it was a fatal mistake because hayabusa used the ultimate shadow kill skill so that helcurt was eliminated by hayabusa in a solo kill. Meanwhile, Ling can also eliminate Helcurt because it has high damage which is very deadly, guys.

Those are the Weaknesses and Tips for Defeating Helcurt who is very Over Powered and Counter Hero to defeat Helcurt.

Ok, come here first, guys! Next, I will give you more info about mobile legend heroes. If there are suggestions for what hero guides you want to discuss, you can contact me via the contact form below, I’ll review the Hero Guides later, ok!

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