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Tips for Building the Best Lou Yi Items in Mobile Legends

mrfdn – Hi guys, Mobile legends has released a new hero named Lou Yi. If you follow this series, you must already know that the previous heroes were Popol and Kupa.

Lou Yi is a hero with Mage abilities with fantastic crowd control.

His main advantage is that he is able to teleport / move the team to a certain place within 3 seconds.

best build lou yi mobile legends
Not many heroes can do this, more or less like Johnson can turn into a car, but Lou Yi is really like teleporting, disappearing from place to place quickly.

Lou yi uses yin and yang, but unlike Lunox, the way to play is different where he has to know where the enemy’s movement is then throw skill 2 then when the enemy passes by, Lou yi enters the area and does a pretty deadly attack.

Lou Yi’s advantages

Able to move nearby teams to a certain place to do war or to avoid attacks from enemies (cc)


  • To get the Lou yi combo, you have to look for a nearby enemy
  • Not suitable for 1vs1
  • This hero is quite difficult to use.

Skill 1 Dispersion

Lou yi will release yin and yang energy, enemies who are hit by this skill will cause other enemies nearby to also be affected.

Skill 1 if used 2 times to different enemies, then he will bring the enemy to collide with each other which results in a decrease in their respective HP.

This skill is very suitable for escaping from enemies.

Skill 2 Rotation

Lou yi determines where the skill will be fired, when the enemy passes the skill 2 area, the yin yang will react to make a slow effect on the enemy.

This skill can be used to chase the enemy while continuing to attack him.

Skill 3 diversion

Lou yi’s ultimate skill will create a teleportation circle around him. He has 3 seconds to send the team elsewhere.

This skill can be used to escape, attack, or change the course of the battle.

Best Lou Yi combo
Skill 2 >> Skill 1 >> Skill 1 >> Basic

lou yi wallpaper mobile legends

Build the Best Lou Yi Items in Mobile Legends

  • Demon Shoes
  • Ice Queen Wand
  • Fleeting Time
  • Holy Crystal
  • Blood Wings
  • Immortality

Emblem that Lou Yi Mage used

Spell Lou Yi is Flameshot or Flicker

Tips for playing Lou Yi

Pay attention to the position and direction of enemy movement before issuing skill 2.

Use skill 3 only at important times, for example to take the team out of the enemy attack CC area.

Video how to play Lou Yi

lou yi wallpaper

The final word

For me this hero is quite difficult for me to play, it takes a habit to use this hero mage.

Those are the tips and builds for the Lou Yi Mobile Legends hero. Good luck.

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