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This is the Best Tank Item Build for Gloo Mobile Legends

 If you look at the power of Gloo, these six items can maximize their potential in matches. Of course, this item build is also accompanied by selecting the most appropriate Battle Spell so that Gloo can be useful when fighting five against five.

For those who are still confused about selecting Gloo items, please refer to the following article.

1. Tough Boots - $700

Actually, buying shoes is more tentative to follow the opponents you will face. If more heroes have crowd control, you can buy Tough Boots. The reason is, these shoes have an additional status that strengthens your Magic Defense. However, the most important effect of this shoe is it's unique passive.

Tough Boots can reduce the duration of crowd control received by 30%. That is, when you are stunned or immobilize, the maximum duration will be reduced. This will really help Gloo to get out of the enemy's trap more quickly. In addition, the use of Tough Boots for Gloo is that it makes it easier for him to become an initiator.

The reason is, when trying to enter the enemy's attack area, they must be trying to block the movement of Gloo. With Tough Boots, Gloo can continue to attack the enemy through his ultimate. In addition, the presence of Tough Boots is also very effective in reducing damage from opposing Supporters who try to harass you.

2. Courage Mask - $1600

In the beginning, you must have Wooden Mask as an item at the beginning of the match. After completing Tough Boots, the alternative is to go straight to the Courage Mask. However, so that the regeneration of Gloo can be maximized, you can buy Oracle. However, we will talk about the power of Courage Mask for Gloo.

First, the effect of increasing Movement Speed ​​by 30% can be an important point when Gloo is chasing enemies. In addition, when he activates the ultimate, his movement is also added by 25%. With this speed, you can do zoning easily. Because the collection of stacks from Gloo requires you to give attacks repeatedly by approaching them.

The rest, the usefulness of the Courage Mask can be maximized according to the fighting conditions. You can use this item to run away or chase enemies who try to run. For Gloo himself, Courage Mask is one of the crucial items to increase its ultimate effectiveness.

3. Oracle - $2060

In addition to adding Magical Defense, Oracle also adds a 30% Hero regeneration ability. You could say, Gloo is a Hero with natural spell vamp power through his ultimate. When activated, this new Hero splits itself into several parts. Each small part of Gloo will give regeneration by 4% every one second.

With Oracle at the beginning, you can be more durable when doing team fights. The reason is, just by surrounding the enemy you will get a large stack as well as HP regeneration. His endurance will also increase because he will be at the forefront when team fights.

4. Antique Cuirass - $2170

When splitting, each shard of Gloo has a small amount of blood. If you meet an enemy with great damage, then the children from Gloo can die quickly. Therefore, the use of the Antique Cuirass item will reduce the opponent's damage gradually by 10% for two seconds with a total stack of three times.

Decreased enemy damage can be anticipated with additional regeneration from Oracle items. So, your blood can continue to increase and of course, make you thicker to be conquered. The duration of your team fight endurance is even longer to lock the target opponent.

5. Dominance Ice - $2010

The next item is Dominance Ice which can slow down enemy attacks. Antique Cuirass that has been purchased previously will make enemy attacks less impact on Gloo's body. Coupled with the regeneration from Oracle guaranteed to make Gloo's body even more difficult to kill. Especially if you activate the ultimate in a crowd of enemies.

At this stage, the match has reached midgame. That is, the enemy already has fairly large damage, especially for the size of the core. If the opponent's attacks hit Gloo, of course, your blood can be drastically reduced. Therefore, if the enemy buys an Attack Speed item, it will not be so noticeable when there is Dominance Ice.

6. Immortal - $2120

The majority of Tanks in Mobile Legends will really need Immortal as part of a series of purchased items. The reason is, Immortal can increase the user's life twice and will be very useful at crucial moments. For example in the last team fight at the enemy base or when fighting over Lord.

With Immortal, you can attack the enemy without fear of death. Moreover, Gloo is already very difficult to kill and of course troublesome opponents. The duration is long-lasting and the Immortal item is an item worth the sacrifice that has been given at the beginning of the team fight.

Battle Spell – Aegis

Actually, the selection of Battle Spells is more varied for Gloo. However Aegis, it will be very appropriate considering that what is the advantage of Gloo is a matter of durability. With Aegis, the shield given can be divided between the children of Gloo, and of course, it will be very annoying for enemies who try to kill the shards.

Flicker can also be used so that when activating the ultimate can chase enemies who have high mobility. However, Gloo already has a second skill that allows him to change locations. To ensure that the enemy can be found using Flicker will also be very useful.

As a new Hero, Gloo's potential is still relatively vague. Can this Hero be useful in the match or not? However, the build items discussed earlier can maximize Gloo's power based on the status it has. From maximizing blood regeneration to durability, this is an important point for Gloo to become a capable tank for the team.

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