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The Worst and Strongest X.Borg Build 2022 from Global Top

Welcome back Mobile Legends lovers, meet me again at GMLBB. As usual, our favorite site will thoroughly discuss everything about Mobile Legends, if any of you have criticisms and suggestions for the good of this site, please write them in the comments column.

This time GMLBB will discuss the Worst and Strongest X-Borg Build 2022 from Top Global X-Borg. We know that this Fighter-type hero is quite Over Powered, since it was released until now this hero has always been widely used in ranked mode, of course, if he doesn’t get banned.

In season 15, X-Borg is still often banned at the epick tier and above, even if it is not banned, it will definitely become a fight for the first pick in ranked mode. X-Borg is one of the fighters that became meta in season 15, of course thanks to its extraordinary abilities.

Thanks to the annoying skills it has, X-Borg can kill heroes with thick blood like Tanks and Fighters. Not only that, this fire-effect hero is very difficult to kill because he has armor. With his abilities, it’s only natural that this fighter hero becomes a meta in season 15.

But to appear Over Power you must understand how to control this X-Borg hero, it must also be supported by the right item. So the X-Borg you use will be very sick and strong in the match.

Before we move on to the Worst and Strongest X-Borg Build 2022 from Top Global, we will first discuss the passive and active skills of this hero.


X.Borg’s Firaga armor inherits from X.Borg’s maximum HP and takes all damage taken by X.Borg while active. When the firaga armor runs out of HP, X.Borg will spin towards the left joystick to release himself from the Firaga armor. X.Borg will not receive any damage during this duration. Then he continued energy recovery in armless mode. When fully energized, X.Borg will re-wear the armor armor and restore the armor armor HP up to 30% of X.Borg’s maximum HP.

X.Borg’s fire damage causes a heat effect on enemies, and enemies with high temperatures will leave a supply armory when they are hit by flame damage. Take supplies and restore armor mounts, or restore energy when in Armorless Mode.

Skill 1 (Fire Missiles)

CD: 4.0

X.Borg activates the Flamethrower and fires it in the specified direction, dealing 40(+50% total physical ATK) physical damage for 2 seconds. Opponents whose temperature rises to the limit will receive true damage and a slow effect of 20%.

Armorless State: X.Borg adjusts the flamethrower to narrow the firing angle and extend the range, reducing damage to 60% of the original in armor state.

Skill 2 (Fire Stake)

CD: 11.0

X.Borg fires 6 fire sticks at the edge of the fan-shaped indicator. 1.7 seconds later, the fire stake will be taken back into his body. Each Fire stake deals 50(+20% total physical ATK) physical damage to enemies in its path and pulls them back. If the fire stake hits the supply agency in its path, the fire stake will also bring the supply agency back.

Armorless Mode: X.Borg adjusts the fire stake launcher to send more stakes and shorten the distance between fire stakes.

Skill 3 (Last Insanity)

CD: 30.0

X.Borg charges forward in the specified direction, shoots surrounding fire to deal 200(+100% extra physical ATK) physical damage and slows enemies by 25%. If he hits the opponent’s hero during the charge, he will stop charging and cause a slow effect to the target which is increased by 40%. The whole process lasts for 3 seconds. Then he detonates himself to deal 400 and 15% true damage and puts himself in an armorless state, where this skill cannot be used.

He can move back according to the direction of the joystick after he blows himself up.

Reuse: Ends Flame Spray and instantly self-detonates.

So that’s the discussion of the skills that X-Borg has. Next, we discuss the Worst and Strongest X-Borg Build 2022 from Top Global below:

The Sickest and Strongest X-Borg Items:

+10% Cooldown Reduction

+10% Cooldown Reduction

Attribute: +20% Spell Vamp

Unique passive-immortal: resurrect 2 seconds after being defeated and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage.(scaled with hero level) Shield lasts up to 3 seconds. This effect has a CD for 180 seconds.

Unique Passive- Despair: attacking an enemy unit that has HP below 50% will increase the hero’s physical attack by 25% for 2 seconds. (effect active before damage quality)

+10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Passive-Demonize: Reduces damage taken by 50% when HP is below 40% and increases Physical Lifesteal by 30%. Lasts for 5 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 50 seconds.

+45 Physical defense

Unique Passive-Brute Force: Using skills or using basic attacks will increase movement speed by 3%, Physical and Magic defense by 4. Lasts for 4 seconds. Stack up to 5 times.

That’s the explanation of the Worst and Strongest X.Borg Build 2022 from Top Global. By using these items in addition to your good game, we are sure that you will be the MVP in every match. Maybe nothing more than that Maniac and savage will land on the Land of Down.

That’s it for the discussion of the Worst and Strongest X.Borg Build 2022 from the Global top. For other hero item requests, please write in the comments column. Thank you for visiting, see you in the next article.

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