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The Strongest Phoveus Build Really Recommend 2022

Phoveus is a new hero in Mobile Legends released in season 19, Phoveus is a fighter-type hero.

Phoveus is a natural enemy for heroes who have blink or dash skills, namely heroes who have speed above other heroes.

Previously we have given 6 reasons for you to use Phoveus in battle in the Land of Dawn, now this time we provide a complete build of the strongest Phoveus 2022 that you can use as a reference to make Phoveus even more pro.

The advantages of Phoveus Mobile Legends

  • Has very large damage
  • Cooldown skill is quite short
  • The movement is quite high, equivalent to an assassin-type hero
  • Has very good CC skills
  • Have a good blink ability

Skill Phoveus Mobile Legends

Here are the skills that are owned by Phoveus

Passive Skill: When the enemy blinks, charges or dashes, the Phoveus skill cooldown is reduced by 1.

Skill 1: Give magic damage to the enemy, the damage received by the enemy can spread to other enemies around.

Skill 2: This skill gives a CC effect to the enemy, the CC effect on skill 2 Phoveus is similar to the CC effect on skill 2 Cecilion. 

Skill 3 (Ultimate): When an enemy blinks or dashes, Phoveus can move to the location of the hero who blinked to inflict damage, by marking the enemy first.

Build Phoveus Strongest 2022

This Phoveus build consists of several items, including magic items and defense items, for more details, see the items below.

1. Warrior Boots

2. Clock of Destiny

3. Ice Queen Wand

4. Brute Force Breastplate

5. Oracle

6. Antique Cuirass 

With the combination of the items above, Phoveus can deal painful damage but can still withstand damage from the enemy.

Battle Spell and Pained Phoveus Emblem 2022

In addition to setting the build, you also have to choose the right emblem and battle spell for Phoveus. Because Phoveus deals with magical type damage, then you can use the Mage or Magic emblem.

Phoveus' best battle spell that we recommend is flame shot. This flame shot can provide additional damage and also a knockback effect.

The flame shot is suitable for use to kill enemies and can also be used to avoid approaching enemies.

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