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The Sickest Hero Mobile Legends 2022

The Sick Hero in Mobile Legend and Tips for Playing

1. Aldous (Fighter)

aldous ml

Aldous is the sickest hero in mobile legends. In addition to having deadly damage, it also has a thick HP so it is not easily eliminated by the opponent. Although Aldous is neft in terms of passive stack, which used to be unlimited and now has a maximum of 500 stacks, Aldous is still overpowered at the moment. Aldous hero is suitable for those of you who want to get a lot of savage.

Tips for playing Aldous

  • In the early game, try farming first
  • Use Skill 1 to “Last Hit” minions or eliminate enemies
  • Avoid the ganks made by the opponent
  • Use the appropriate items to maximize physical and defense aldous
  • Take advantage of the ulty aldous skill to open the map or see the enemy’s HP to be targeted so that they can be eliminated

Recommended Items

aldous item

2. Natalia (Assassin)

natalia ml

Natalia is the most painful damage assassin and is difficult to eliminate by enemies. Natalia has a disappearing skill (stealth mode) that can scoop up or avoid gangs from opponents. Moreover, Natalia on March 18, 2022, was revamped by Moonton, making this hero possible to be a new ranked “tire” subscription.

Tips for playing Natalia

  • Natalia must use romming items because Natalia rarely farms to control the map so she can see the enemy’s position
  • Try to start a new game, Natalia does an open map on the opponent’s buff so that the friend team can take the enemy’s buff or Natalia takes the enemy’s buff by waiting for the last hit and even waiting for the opponent’s hero to lose his HP when taking the buff then eliminate the opponent’s hero
  • Take advantage of Natalia’s passive by doing basic attacks from behind to increase critical change and silence
  • Use items that have critical damage in order to maximize Natalia’s damage

Recommended Items

nata items

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3. Karrie (Marksman)

karrie ml

Karrie is a marksman hero who has true damage. Karrie is the most feared by tank users because her skills provide true damage so that the tank’s HP can be drastically reduced

Tips for playing Karrie

  • Early game farming first, try to get a red buff so you can give maximum damage
  • Use jungle items and runaway spells so that they are not easily eliminated by the opponent
  • As a marksman, look at the map to avoid ganks from your opponent
  • Use the appropriate item

Recommended Items

karrie items

4. Ling (Assassin)

ling ml

Ling is a very agile hero and has great damage. Ling has a passive that can jump between walls to eliminate the opponent’s core hero quickly even in the late game hero ling is very easy to get savage because it has deadly damage. However, Ling is difficult to pick because it is ranked as a subscription to tires.

Tips for playing Ling

  • Use Jungle Items to farm quickly
  • The benefits of passive skills to help escort to eliminate enemies or to escape from opponents
  • Use the appropriate Item

Recommended Items

Ling items

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5. Irithel (Marksman)

irithel ml

Irithel is a marksman hero who is rarely used or underestimated, but in the late game irithel has a large spread of damage that can simultaneously eliminate an opposing team

Tips for Playing Irithel

  • Use jungle items because in the early game it is difficult to eliminate minions and jungles
  • Use Spell Fliker or Sprint because Irthel doesn’t have CC skills to escape from enemy gangs
  • Use the appropriate Item

Recommended Items

irithel items

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