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The Most Painful Items in Mobile Legends Fighter Body

Hello Land of Down warriors? How much savage have you had today??
Now we will discuss Body Pain Items. Badang is a typical Fighter Hero who has not been in the Land of Down for a long time.

Before we move on to the gear I recommend, please first read the story/background of Badang.


Once upon a time there was a small village in the southern area of ​​the Land of Down. The villagers are very hardworking, fishing day and night for a living. Among them was a strong person, named Badang. Enthusiastic and courageous, he tirelessly helps everyone solve their difficulties in life.

However, a strange thing happened within the village not too long ago. Villagers wake up early every day to catch fish. At night, they returned empty-handed, even their fishing gear was broken. Everyone was annoyed, thinking it was the curse of the mystical water monster. When food supplies run low, Badang decides to help them find out the truth. He didn’t believe in water monsters.

In the morning, Badang went fishing as usual. He came to the river near the village to set a trap. He not only placed a lot of fish, but also hid them with a giant fishing net that had been prepared in advance, trying to find out what was causing the trouble in this village. Not long after, the river suddenly started to spin, a strange creature from within the river appeared beside its trap. Looking demonic and terrifying, the creature began to steal fish and break traps. His eyes were fiery, with long hair and a very long beard. Badang confidently threw a giant fishing net, trying to trap the monster. However, the monster broke through the fishing net with its huge teeth and started to free itself.

The monster continued to attack him, but the fearless body jumped into battle with this terrifying monster without hesitation. The strength of this monster was very strong and Badang’s arm was badly injured. When the monster was about to devour the body, he used his remaining strength to insert the fish spear into his body, and then pulled it to the river bank. After leaving the river, the Monster gradually lost its moisture and began to dry up. The monster can’t breathe too long on land. Badang had never seen a creature like this.

Badang saw a magical gem glittering on his body. Struggling to speak, the water monster pleads with Badang to let him go, swearing that he is an elf who lives in the river but undergoes a terrible transformation. Once upon a time the monster headed to the Southern Mountain to prey on fish but accidentally ate a fish that had been damaged by evil energy. As he spoke, the monster’s body slowly began to change. The water monster started spitting out the fish it had eaten, along with the evil energy. After returning to its original form, the Water Elf was very grateful to Badang.

After that, Badang received a powerful flow of energy and his injured arm was also healed and was much stronger than before. The good heart of the body pushed to finally release the Monster. Badang began to help the villagers day and night, and his life.

Body Skills:


Badang selflessly helps others with his extraordinary power. Basic attacks after every 4 times will knock back the opponent and deal (+120% total physical attack) physical damage to them. Opponents who are knocked back and hit a wall or obstacle will be stunned, and Minions and Creeps will also be stunned at that time.

Skill 1

Qigong Fist

CD 7.0

Badang puts all his strength into his fist and performs an incredible Fist Wind, dealing 220 (+70% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage. To enemies it passes and slows them down by 70%. Damage from Qigong Fist will cause Bassick attack effect and will stunstack for Chivalry Fist. All of Badang’s Fist Winds explode when hitting any obstacles it leaves behind, dealing an additional 155 (+50% total physical atk) physical damage.

Skill 2:

Fist Break

CD 15.0

Badang dashes towards the designated direction. If he hits an opponent along his path, he will knock them back and deal 230 (+50% total physical attack) physical damage to them, leaving an obstacle in his path. Opponents who hit the obstacle will receive 130 (+30% physical atk) physical damage.

Skill 3

CD: 34.0

Badang quickly throws his fist in the designated direction, dealing 120(+50% total physical attack) physical damage to the opponent multiple times. This damage has a basic attack effect, and when the first fist win hits an obstacle, the Fist Wind will explode and deal 60 (+ 30% total physical attack) physical damage. During skill release, Badang generates a Shield that absorbs 500(+80% Total Physical Attack) damage.

This shield makes him immune to CC effects.

Gear Body Recommendations:

Warrior Boots ($690)

Uniqueness: +40 Movement SPD

Unique Passive-Valor: Each time hit by a basic attack will increase 5 Physical Defense, increase to a maximum of 25, lasts for 3 seconds.

Haas’s Claws ($1810)

Uniqueness: +20% physical Lifesteal

Unique Passive-Insanity: when HP is below 40%, Hero will get 10% Physical Lifesteal Bonus.

Golden Staff ($2100)

+65 physical attacks

+30% attack speed

Unique Passive-swift: Cannot increase critical chance. Every 1% of the critical chance obtained will increase attack speed by 1%.

Unique Passive-Endless Strike: Normal basick attacks add a stack of endless strikes. After collecting 2 stacks of endless strikes, the effect of the next basic attack will be issued 3 times.

Demon Hunter Sword ($2180)

+35 Physical Attack

+25% Attack Speed

Unique Passive-Devour: Basic Attack will deal additional Physical Damage of 9% of the target’s current HP (maximum 60 damage to Creeps and Minions).

Unique Passive-Devour: Each Basic attack deals 4% Physical Lifesteal for 3 seconds. Can be stavk up to 5 times.

Corrosion Scythe ($2050)

Unique Passive-Corrosion; Basic attacks have a 50% chance to slow down enemy units by 40%. Long-range basic attacks only deal damage to the opponent, while the hero’s attack speed increases by 8%. Can be stacked up to 20%.

Unique Passive-Impulse: Basic attacks deal damage to enemies, while the hero’s attack speed increases by 8%. Can be stacked up to 5 times. Lasts for 3 seconds.

Blade of Despair ($3010)

Unique Passive-Despair: Attacking enemy units that have HP below 50% will increase the Hero’s Physical Damage by 25%. Lasts for 2 seconds. (effect lasts before damage is dealt).

That’s all for the discussion of the item that hurts Badang, good luck trying the items we have recommended.

Criticisms and suggestions please write in the comments column. If you have a recommendation for a different Badang gear, please comment, or if you want to request a mobile legends hero gear, please comment.

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