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The Most Meta Hero in Season 19 Mobile Legend 2022

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Today I will give more info about Mobile Legends for sure. This time we will discuss the Most Meta Hero in Season 19 of Mobile Legend 2022, Check this out !!.

Here are the Meta Heroes in Season 19 of Mobile Legends

1. Brody

Hero Brody

The most meta hero in the first 19 season is Brody. Brody is a Hero Marksman who specializes in Reap Brust Damage which has large Offensive and Damage. Brody has a passive that can move when using his basic attack and has an old animation effect when used and gives a mark to the enemy to increase his damage. Brody also has skill 1 which can emit a shockwave in a predetermined direction, dealing physical damage and causing a slow effect and leaving a mark on the target. Brody has skill 2 which can switch to the opponent giving physical damage and causing a stun effect and giving a mark to the target. After that he can switch to the specified direction and gain additional movement speed. throws Smoke Bombs and deals Physical Damage and slows down enemies. In addition, Brody has the ultimate skill that can lock the target in an Area of ​​Effect with a certain distance and provide additional physical damage and physical damage according to the mark on the enemy.

Build Brody

Brody Items

2. Benedetta

Hero Benedetta

The most meta hero in the second 19 season is Benedetta. Benedetta is a Hero Assassin who specializes in Chase Burst Damage which has high damage and has a fairly high level of difficulty. This hero has a passive where when holding down the Basic Attack button, Benedetta enters Swordout Mode and continues to collect Sword Intent. If you release the Basic Attack button after the Sword Intent is fully charged, Benedetta will use Swordout Slash in the direction she is facing, dashing forward and dealing physical damage. Benedetta has skill 1 which can retreat quickly and leave a shadow in front. After a short pause, the shadow slashes forward in a fan-shaped area dealing physical damage and slowing down. Meanwhile Benedetta has skill 2 which can raise her weapon to defend, become immune to Crowd Control effects and block any damage within a certain time. After defending, he stabs in a predetermined direction and deals physical damage. If Benedetta manages to evade the Crowd Control effect while defending, she will gain full Sword Intent and stun the target. In addition, Benedetta has the ultimate where Benedetta holds Alecto and slashes to the dean after a short delay, slowing all targets in the path by 70% for 1 second. After dashing, Benedetta detonates Sword Intent on the path, Strangles enemies with Sword Intent for 2.5 seconds, dealing physical damage and slowing them down.

Build Benedetta

Benedetta items

3. Lapu-lapu

Lazy heroes

The most meta hero in the third season 19 is Lapu-lapu. Lapu-Lapu is a newly revamped Hero Fighter Assassin that has high damage and is quite easy to use. Lapu-Lapu has skill 1 which throws both swords at the enemy and deals physical damage. Lapu-Lapu also has skill 2 jumping in the direction we specify and dealing damage if hit by an enemy which is useful for chasing enemies or escaping from enemies. In addition, Lapu-Lapu has the ultimate skill that jumps into the air, combines its Twin Blades and lands on the ground, dealing physical damage and causing slow effects to opponents in the area. He then enters Heavy Sword Mode for 10 seconds and all of his skills are strengthened and his Basic Attack damage is increased to 120%, increasing his Physical and Magic Defense and strengthening other skills.

Build Lapu-lapu

Items of dust

4. Mathilda

Hero Mathilda

The most meta hero in the fourth season 19 is Mathilda. Mathilda is a Hero Support Assassin type Initiator Guard that has high damage. For the level of difficulty of this hero is quite easy. Mathilda has a passive that gains Ancestral Guidance when moving. When the stack is fully charged, the next basic attack will be amplified, dealing magic damage to the target and increasing its movement speed. Mathilda also has skill 1 which can resonate with the power of her ancestors and summon Wisp who surround her. To attack nearby enemies, dealing damage to the target. In addition, Mathilda also has skill 2 which can create an area around it and jump forward. On landing, he gains Shield and Movement Speed. Team units that come into contact with this area will also receive the same Shield, and Guilding Wind when used, the Hero will be directed to Mathilda and both will gain the same Movement Speed. Mathilda also has the ultimate skill that can lock the targeted opponent’s hero and then circle around the target for up to 2 seconds. During this period, Wisp will quickly aim at the nearest enemy, each time dealing Magic Damage. After casting this Skill or reaching its maximum time limit, he will quickly head towards the target, causing a Knockback effect on enemies he passes, causing a Stunning effect on them.

Build Mathilda

Mathilda Items

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5. Yu Zhong

Hero Yu Zhong

The most meta hero in the fifth season 19 is Yu Zhong. Yu Zhong is a fighter hero who specializes in Regen Damage with high damage and high lifesteal. Yu Zhong has skill 1 which can do damage with his cloak in the surrounding area in a short time. Yu Zhong also has skill 2 which releases Dragon Soul, dealing physical damage and causing a slow effect to the opponent. In addition, Yu Zhong has skill 3 which can jump to a predetermined area, dealing physical damage and causing an Airbone effect to the opponent it hits. Yu Zhong also has the ultimate skill that can transform into Black Dragon Mode and gain immunity to crowd control, ignore obstacles, increase max HP and cause a knockback effect when the opponent’s hero is in his path. When exiting Black Dragon Mode, Yu Zhong enters Dragonoid Mode for 10 seconds, and during this mode Yu Zhong gains distance and skill increases from all his skills.

Build Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong's Items

6. Tigreal

Tigreal Hero

The most meta hero in the sixth season 19 is Tigreal. Tigreal is a tanker hero who specializes in Crowd Control and has high durability. This Tigreal has skill 1 which can fire an Attack Wave in a predetermined direction dealing damage and slow effects to them. In addition, tigreal has skill 2 which can make changes to the future and then if this skill is reused, it will give a Knock Up effect to the opponent. Tigreal also has an ultimate skill that can attract enemies around him to him and stun them.

Build Tigreal

Tigreal Items

7. Jawhead

Hero Jawhead

The most meta hero in the seventh season 19 is Jawhead. Jawhead is a fighter hero who has a fairly high durability and has a combo skill that can eliminate enemies alone. For the difficulty level, Jawhead is very easy by using skill 1, Jawhead can deal continuous damage to enemies or can clean minions quickly. Jawhead also has skill 2 which is the main skill of jawhead, this skill is what determines whether the user is an amateur or a pro. Read the situation first and choose an opponent to throw at a teammate to start a Team Fight. Besides that, jawhead has the ultimate skill that can catch opponents who don’t have cover and can be combined with skill 2 by throwing them at one team so this combo is very scary.

Build Jawhead

Jawhead Items

8. Esmeralda

hero esmeralda

The most meta hero in the eighth season 19 is Esmeralda. Esmeralda is a Hero Mage Tank who specializes in Mixed Damage Regen who has extraordinary skills and is easy to use. Esmeralda has skill 1 which can create a shield and gain movement speed that decreases with duration. Meanwhile, he gradually turned the shields of nearby opponents into shields for himself. In addition, Esmeralda has skill 2 which can swing Stardust and Frostmoon, dealing magic damage to nearby opponents and reducing the cooldown of the other skill. Esmeralda also has the ultimate skill that unites strength, the longer the duration, the greater the power. Use this skill again to cast Starddust in the specified direction, dealing magic damage and immobilizing enemies in the area.

Build Esmeralda

esmeralda items

9. Claude

Hero Claude

The most meta hero in the ninth season 19 is Claude. Claude is a marksman hero who specializes in Brust Damage which has High Damage and is easy to use. Claude is a very agile hero and is difficult to pick up because he has extraordinary skills that can move where he wants. Claude has skill 1 “Art Of Thievery” which can steal the opponent’s Movement Speed ​​and Attack Speed ​​in a fan-shaped area and deal Physical Damage. Claude increases his own Movement and Attack Speed ​​for a few seconds and Claude’s speed bonus will be doubled when stealing Speed ​​from enemy heroes. In addition, Claude has skill 2 “Battle Mirror Image” which can leave a Mirror Image of Dexter at a predetermined location and this skill can move back to its original place with the mirror image. Claude also has the Ultimate skill “Blazing Duet” which can deal damage continuously to enemies in the area around Claude and the damage from this attack will increase the Full Burst Hit Rate Bonus.

Build Claude

Claude's Items

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10. Barats

Hero Barats

The most meta hero in the tenth season 19 is Barats. Barats is a Hero Fighter Tank who specializes in Damage/Crowd Control which has high damage and durability. Barats have a passive where every Barats get a Stack, then the size of the Barats will be bigger and increase its Damage. This passive skill is the key to damage from Barats because it can get an increase in Physical, Magic Defense and Resilience. In addition, Barats has an ultimate that can swallow an opponent’s hero and spit it out in a specified direction. If it is hit by an opponent’s hero or a wall, it will cause a stun effect to the opponent’s hero.

Build Barats

Western Items

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