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The Latest Commander Magic Chess in Mobile Legends


  • At the beginning of each round, Little Commander will gain 1 EXP
  • Players can use Gold to exchange the same amount of EXP
  • Little Commander reaches the next Level when gaining sufficient amount of EXP
  • At the higher level of Little Commander, you can put more heroes to fight
  • The chance to get high quality heroes from the shop also increases as Little Commander’s Level increases


  • Each Little Commander has 3 unique skills
  • The first skill will be unlocked when you get the Little Commander. The other 2 skills can be unlocked by using the Commander to play in the match
  • These two skills can also be unlocked through the purchase of the skin commander

Commander at Magic Chess

1. Harper (Commander Harper)

harper magic chess

Is the first commander in magic chess. All players will get this commander after entering the magic chess gameplay

Commander Harper’s Skills

  • Level 1: Harper gains a permanent shield that can absorb 10 damage.
  • Level 2: Harper blocks damage taken this round. Cooldown in 15 rounds.
  • Level 3: Harper has 3 additional Gold at the start.

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2. Ragnar (Axeman Ragnar)

Is a Commander who has a passive like a tank. Ragnar is said to be the son of Franco

Commander Ragnar Skills

  • Level 1: Ragnar restores 3 HP instantly. Cooldown in 3 Rounds.
  • Level 2: Ragnar reduces damage taken by 50%. Cooldown in 5 rounds.
  • Level 3: At the start of each round, if Ragnar’s HP is below 25%, recovers 8 HP instantly.

3. Remy (Swordman Remy)

remy magic chess

It is a gold gain type commander. This commander is very good, it buys a hero/refresh shop hero because at the end of every game he gets gold

Commander Remy Skill skills

  • Skill 1: Remy gets 1 to 4 gold randomly. Cooldown in 5 Rounds
  • Skill 2: Remy gets 1 more interest when he has 10 gold. Maximum interest is 4
  • Skill 3: Remy sacrifices 5 HP to increase Gold by 3.5. Cooldown in 3 Rounds. This skill cannot be used when the commander’s HP is lower by 10

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4. Eva (Mysterious Deer)

eva magic chess

Is a Commander who can increase physical and magical heroes.

Skill Commander Eva

  • Skill 1: When more than 4 synergies have been activated. Increases Physical Attack of all heroes by 60, Magic Attack by 120
  • Skill 2: When there is a maximum Synergy Level greater than or equal to 6, increases Physical and Magic Defense by 35 for all heroes.
  • Skill 3: After the Process Stage at the beginning of each Round, he will choose a Hero at random and do his synergy UP Level of 1

5. Abe (Honored Kung Fu Master)

abe magic chess

Is a commander who has a passive attack on the opponent’s commander with higher damage. This commander is perfect for eliminating opponents quickly

Commander Abe’s Skills

  • Skill 1: By winning the battle, will deal 5 additional damage to the opponent’s little commander.
  • Skill 2: After Stage Progress, each victory will deal additional damage to the opponent’s little commander by 20% of the target’s current HP.
  • Skill 3: During this round, all heroes deal 2 additional damage to commanders. Cooldown in 4 Rounds.

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