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TDM PUBG Mobile - Here's How to Play

How to Play TDM mode in PUBG mobile Game

mrfdn – PUBG does not stop providing innovation in every update. As can be felt in the latest 0.13.0 version at this time, there is a TDM mode.

Curious how to play? Read on for the following reviews…

What is TDM mode in PUBG Mobile?

play pubg mobile tdm

TDM stands for Team Death Match.

The game in this mode only involves 8 people consisting of 2 teams, aka 4 against 4.

Dead players can come back to life and continue the battle until they get the first 40 kills.

This TDM mode can be played in both tpp and fpp.

It’s cool…

How to play in TDM mode?


First, enter first in TDM mode. On the main screen you will find a large TDM text on the left. After logging in do the following…

Each team will meet each other in one place where the location is close.

If one of the opponents is shot dead he can come back to life. The term respawn. The one who was shot came back to life in the house/building/warehouse.


That’s why the location is close so that the two teams can immediately meet again.

Each team is required to get the first 40 kills. Every kill made by a team will be counted as accumulated points.

If within 10 minutes it has not reached 40 kills, the winner is the team with the highest points that will win.

The game will not be finished until one of the teams reaches 40 kills first.

Tips to get Victory fast in TDM mode


TDM mode is great for practicing shooting opponents, training hand agility.

Here you can play in bars. You can go to the enemy’s location or wait for the enemy to come to you.

After I tried this mode it felt really fast. It’s not the game that finishes quickly, but the mode of the bars really feels.

Even though we die in an instant we immediately come back to life at a certain spawn location. There we take back the weapons and bullets provided.

The weapons provided are mostly AR weapons, such as the m416, m16, and others.

You can also take a grenade that is on top of the container box, but it’s risky if you see your opponent, you can end it right away.


This TDM mode is great for playing pubg with a short tempo. But still feel the excitement of shooting the enemy.

Pubg TDM mode will provide experience as a real bar-player. I’m sure you’ll like playing in this mode.

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