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Soul Spira Local Game Ready to be Released on the Market

Along with the times, Indonesian developers are starting to dare to show off their teeth in releasing interesting games. One of them is a studio VanTrails Games which in the near future will release a mobile game role playing games (RPGs) his first, Soul Spira. VanTrails has previously released casual games, such as Bakso Rush and Jungle Fellow.

Here, for those of you who are really curious about this game, Soul Spira is an RPG-themed game. Where before you start the game, you are free to choose unique characters and abilities that will help complete obstacles or quests later. This game has a wrapped strategy wrap artwork cool and effective.

How? Interesting right?, besides that you can feel the game action role playing game quite agile. Players are required to consider the attacks to be launched and also avoid enemy attacks.

There are various kinds of characters that you can collect in the game, they will be equipped with unique abilities and have their own roles. But unfortunately this game is a game type single playerwhere you will be presented with a fairly long adventure.

Vel Crestal, the main character in this game. Vel is a female knight who lost her soulmate. Later, Vel will fight with all his might to find his idol, who once saved and protected him from danger.

In this game later you will be able to have a pet or pet. Spirit Kin or some kind of fairy can be an addition to our strength when fighting monsters later. To get a Spirit Kin you must be able to tame it in order to make a bond with your character.

VanTrails in developing this game, in collaboration with the famous Anisong Coverist, djalto. They also collaborated on an original soundtrack called Lost in the Distance which was really cool! How? Can’t wait to play this original Indonesian mobile RPG game, right?

This RPG game is perfect for those of you who really like playing games action RPG and adventure. But unfortunately, the developer is still keeping a close eye on information about the release date of this game, but even so, you deserve to know important information. If this year there is a cool RPG mobile game! the latest work of the nation’s children.

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