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Quick Ways to Get Access to League of Legends: Wild Rift

How to quickly get access to League of Legends. LOL It’s been through the alpha test period, and continues to the beta version, for some countries you can already feel the excitement of this game.

However, only selected people have pre-registered, but those of you who haven’t pre-registered have to wait until it’s fully released, but it’s still not too late to pre-register.

So for those of you who have not pre-registered, it is recommended to do so now. For those of you who have pre-registered but have to wait a long time until the notification arrives.

I will give a quick way to play League of Legends, but especially for those who have pre-registered only.

This method is taken from the experience of me and my friends, who transfer applications and obb files via Shareit or Share Me, because at that time I couldn’t download them even though I was pre-registered.

One day after doing the file transfer, and the LOL application that I installed, I deleted it again, because I couldn’t sign in with a google account that the pre-registrant had not received.

After I deleted the app, the next morning I got a notification from Google Playstore that I can download the LOL app.

Maybe this way you can also get access to the download faster, here’s how to do it.

Quick Ways to Get Access to League of Legends

Before entering the discussion, it’s a good idea to prepare the ingredients first, such as. Install the Shareit or ShareMe application, and to do this, look for your people or friends, who already have access and can download the League of Legends application.

If you already have these two ingredients, let’s continue this discussion.

1. Enter the application to transfer files via the Shareit or ShareMe applications, open both your cellphone and your friends.

2. Select send, for phones that have the LOL application, and select receive for phones that will receive the file.

3. For the sender, select the Legends of League application and the obb file, as shown below.

how to quickly get access to League of Legends

4. then send and look for the recipient’s device, if you have waited for the delivery process to complete.

5. If the application and file are received successfully, then install the application, enter the application and then exit again, so that the system reads the obb file from League of Legends.

6. Next, move the obb file that was sent earlier, move it to the file Android>Obb>Com.riotgames.league.wildrift, then paste in it, don’t forget to delete the chance for the application you just opened earlier.

League of Legends

7. If you have logged back into the LOL game application, then log in with the google account that you have pre-registered, if it fails, try again a few times.

League of Legends App

8. If you still can’t wait until tomorrow, and it still doesn’t work, you can delete the application. wait again until tomorrow, One to two days you will receive a notification from the Google Playstore, that you can download the League of Legends application.

Well, that’s a quick way to play League of Legends or LOL from my experience. Good luck, and good luck friends.


If you have done this method and it still fails, you try one more time, because in my opinion, with us constantly, forcing a google account to enter the League of Legends game, the more our google account will be read by the Google playstore and the game .

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