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Plain & Remaining Cool Free Fire Certificate PNG 2022

Holding a cool FF certificate – Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games for mobile devices. Therefore, it is not surprising that this game has a large community and holds many competitive tournaments, both small and international.

The Indonesian Free Fire community is expanding in various circles, this can be seen in the many mini tournaments held at cafes. As the winner in this FF tournament, generally the team will give some money and also an e-certificate.

However, sometimes the committee who wants to organize a tournament has not prepared their own FF tournament certificate design. Now in this article, Teknolalat will share design references in the form of plain or raw cool FF e-certificates, let’s just take a look below.

Plain or Retaining FF Certificates

Free Fire Certificate Photo Example

Having a FF 1st place certificate is indeed a matter of pride for Free Fire game players. This can show that players have qualified skills because they can win a competitive tournament.

Not only for the winners, photos and pictures of this FF certificate can also be given to all tournament participants. Now to make a Free Fire certificate, you need a raw or plain FF certificate in the form of a background, logo and certificate frame.

Download Retaining Cool FF Certificates

Retaining FF certificate background

Here you can download some plain examples of Free Fire certificates such as backgrounds, borders or frames and logos in PNG format. Well, to download the cool FF certificate raw, you can directly download it below.


After downloading the Free Fire certificate background and some plain ones via the Google Drive link above, then you can follow the following tutorial to create a cool certificate using only a smartphone.

How to Make a Cool Free Fire Certificate

To create an FF e-certificate you can use various applications such as PhotoShop and mobile applications such as PicSay, PicsArt and Pixellab. For the tutorial to create a FF certificate this time, Teknolalat will use PicSay, here are the steps:

  1. Open the Picsay app.
  2. Next click Get a PictureImport. Then select the blank FF certificate background that you downloaded.
  3. Next click menu EffectInsert Picture. Then select border or words.
  4. After that you can adjust it by adding a squad name or logo.
  5. When finished, click menu Export and specify the format and storage location you want.

So, that’s an article about plain or raw FF certificates, cool. With the ingredients above, you can easily create a Free Fire certificate and of course look professional through cool designs ranging from borders, backgrounds to logos. Alright that’s it for this article and I hope it’s useful.

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