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PD Tips for Using DP-28 Weapons in PUBG Mobile Games

How to master the DP-28 weapon for PUBG Mobile chicken dinner

mrfdn – The dp-28 weapon is one of the weapons that is often used by pro players during tournaments. This rifle type weapon is famous for being very spicy when hit by an enemy.

By using the dp-28 brown bullet, it becomes a mainstay for shooting enemies at close and medium distances.

combination of dp-28 and groza

Have you not used the DP-28 weapon yet?

Reasons for not using dp-28 weapons

Weapons are rare
Hard recoil
Long reload time
There are not many attachment accessories
Need good aiming practice using this weapon

Reasons to use dp-28

One of the sick weapons, overwhelms me
Good for close and medium range
Number of bullets 40 once reload

Cool facts about dp-28 guns

Even if you get off at a busy loot location in Sanhok, you won’t necessarily get this rifle quickly. You have to look for it until you can if you really want to use this weapon.

Dp-28 has high damage, amounting to 51, exceeding AKM. If you know I’m sick, the DP-28 is the upgraded version.

If you use dp-28 you can shoot enemies who are riding a car or motorbike, if you get hit it will certainly be fun for you. You just sray down the enemy, because the bullets are a lot.

when shooting an enemy riding a car with dp-28

Running enemies will not budge. You can finish off the enemy in the car with only 2-3 hits. Their vehicle can explode immediately.


You can use dp-28 weapons if you like to use rifle weapons. Besides being famous for being sick, this weapon can be relied on for close and medium ranges. Aim practice before really mastering dp weapons.

If you have used dp, find your enemy and shoot them until they have chicken dinner.

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