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New Synergy Combo Shaper Shifter Damage No Cure!!

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Today I will give more info about Mobile Legends for sure. But this time we will discuss the Combo that is suitable for the New Synergy, namely Synergy Shaper Shifter in Season 2 Magic Chess Mobile Legend.

Combo Synergy Shaper Shifter

Season 2 of Magic Chess is coming to an end in the near future. This new Season update will definitely have a new hero rotation and a highly anticipated new hero joining Magic Chess. While some adjustments were made in Synergy. Many new updates have been added to Equipment and Little Commander.
In this latest update, there is the latest magic chess synergy, namely Synergy Shaper Shifter. Soon the reset when the magic chess season will end. The latest update for magic chess has started with a new hero and a new synergy. At the beginning of the season, you will definitely be confused about what to push rank magic chess with what hero combo because of this latest update for magic chess. In addition, with the new synergies and the elimination of the old synergies, creating a new meta synergy in the magic chess match. Therefore I will explain this new synergy along with the synergies combo that is suitable for this new synergy, check this out!.

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Synergy Shaper shifter discussion

Synergy Shaper shifter is a new synergy in magic chess with Combo Hero Selena, Hero Zhask and hero Yu Zhong. Synergy Shaper shifter replaces the previous synergy, namely synergy summoners and in this latest update the synergy summoners is removed and replaced with a synergy shaper shifter.

The function of this synergy Shaper shifter, he can recover 50% of HP and gain the ability to change shape and increase Damage by 50% when shapeshifting. So when you can activate this synergy, the hero from this synergy can restore HP and increase the damage of the hero from this synergy. With this synergy shaper shifter can create a new meta in the magic chess mobile legend match.
Here I will give 1 combo which is quite good for the Meta New Synergy Shaper shifter with hero selena, hero zhask and hero yu zhong so you can give maximum damage so you can win the match.
This Synergy Shaper shifter can be combined with Synergy Dragon Altar and Synergy Guardian as well as Synergy Abyss. With Synergy Guardian as a shield to withstand enemy attacks and Synergy Dragon altar as damage speed gets a shield when a team hero is eliminated and also Synergy Abyss which can Reduce Enemy Defense and Synergy Shaper Shifter as Damage Core, making the combo a new combo meta in magic chess , Guaranteed AutoWin!!!

Formation 6 Synergy Dragon Altar + 3 Synergy Guardian + 2 Synergy Abyss + 2 Synergy Shaper Shifters

  • Synergy Dragon Altar: Zilong, Wanwan, Luo Yi, Ling.
  • Synergy Guardians: Akai, Balmond, Bellerick.
  • Synergy Abyss: Argus.
  • Synergy Shaper Shifter: Zhask, Yu Zhong.

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Tips to Get This Synergy Quickly

  1. Collect the Synergy Hero that you got first
  2. Set up a formation with Synergy Guardian as Tanker, Synergy Dragon Altar and Synergy Abyss as Damage and Defense and Synergy Shaper shifter as core damage behind.
  3. The key to victory is in the Synergy Shaper shifter and Hero Wanwan, Ling and Luo Yi can summon reinforcements.
  4. Take advantage in the Round against attacks from jungle monsters in the selection phase to take Synergy Dragon Altar, Physical and Magical Items, Hero Upgrades and Commander Capacity Upgrades.
  5. Use Commander Eggie level 2 which when after a win streak 2 times, then each additional win reduces the Gold Upgrade price of Little Commander, increasing by 3 to 5 Gold.

Ok, come here first, guys! Next, I will give you more info about mobile legend heroes. If there are suggestions for what hero guides you want to discuss, you can contact me via the contact form below, I’ll review the Hero Guides later, ok!
Hope it is useful

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