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New Season Will Begin!!! This is the Hero that will Meta in Season 16

Hey guys…, I can’t believe that season 15 on Mobile Legends is about to end and it’s ready to get Clint Witch Hunter Skin. What tiers have you reached? Epic, legendary or mythic? If you haven’t gone up to mythic yet, hurry up and push it. Oh, when we talk about the end of the season, I think it’s also fun when we talk about meta hero predictions for the next season. Curious about what heroes will become meta in season 16 later.

1. Cecilion

cecilion mlbb

The recently released hero mage has turned out to be a ban on draft picks in rank mode. Cecilion is a partner of Carmilla and has the first paired combo skill in Mobile Legends. This mage turns out to be able to produce enormous damage to the enemy team. In addition to damage, cecilion can also regenerate his HP very quickly thanks to the ulti he has. His ultimate skill allows cecilion to be immune to slow effects and deals damage and restores the HP he has. This hero will be very useful when in war with other team members. You only need to spam skill one and combine it with skill two. Then if HP is a little left ulty to restore HP and give damage to enemies and give a slow effect, it is guaranteed that this Cecilion hero will become a meta in season 16 later. Eitss, but you have to remember to keep your distance from the enemy so it’s not easy to be picked up.

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2. Atlas

mlbb atlas

This is a fighter-flavoured tank hero that has quite a bit of damage, guys. at the end of season 15, atlas comes with a skill that is quite promising by having a utly skill that can bind all enemy heroes. It seems that in season 16, this atlas will be more popular in rank matches because of its crowd control specialist abilities and support for core damage heroes in dealing with enemies. Ulti from this atlas is very useful for binding enemy hero cores and even all enemy heroes to hold enemies when they want to escape. Besides that, his passive makes this tank hero not easy to die, because if the passive is active, he will get 64-120 Physial and Magic Defense. That’s why I said this atlas is a fighter-flavoured tank. For some reason this atlas can become a tanker user’s favorite hero because it can bind all enemy heroes. This Atlas can also deal fairly large damage in the early game. For some reason atlas will be very very popular in season 16 later.

3. Ling

ling mlbb

This unreleased hero assassin has become a byword among mobile legends players. How not, this one hero has the ability to jump from one wall to another using the other skill. When you are on a wall, Ling will not be fully visible to the enemy, almost like Lesley’s camouflage skill. he will also be difficult to attack using autolock-based attacks, so you have to manually direct the hero skills you have. In addition to the advantages of jumping over walls and camouflage, this ling has attacks with painful damage. With his ulti and skill 2, you can launch a barrage of attacks towards the enemy, guys. His name is also an assassin, the damage must be really bad. For gussion or fanny users, this ling will certainly be one of the main choices when our mainstay hero is banned. Hemm, but this hero is often banned when in rank mode. What do you think guys???

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4. Bruno

bruno mlbb

The marksman hero, which has been revamped recently, looks like he’s going to be a meta hero
and will be used a lot in season 16 later, guys. This is because Bruno is getting sicker thanks to the revamp. And even recently Bruno got the newest hero skin, firebolt, which can have its own recal, spawn, and elimination effects guys and for those who want this skin, prepare a budget of 3 million to get this skin with a limited time event. Bruno is an agile marksman hero and you can attack and escape easily. Bruno relies heavily on attack speed as well as critical, so it would be better if you use a build that focuses on those two things, guys. The skill he has after being revamped also makes Bruno one of the overpowered marksman. This series of Bruno’s skills has the right effect for defeating enemies and there are slow and critical effects. His 2nd skill can be used to stun and escape. The most annoying thing is the ultimate skill which will bounce towards the enemy and the damage is even more painful after revamping

5. Natalia

natalia mlbb

This new hero revamped by Monton will certainly become a meta hero in season 16 later. How about it or not, my favorite hero, Si Natalia, has an ulty that can instantly disappear 2 times without the need to hide in the bushes and of course it will be very difficult to beat. Not only in this stealth mode, the skill effects possessed by each of the skills it has can also really make Natalia really OP. When Natalia is in stealth mode, Natalia’s movement speed will increase. Natalia can also silence enemies when she gets stealth mode and can do additional damage when attacking from behind the enemy. Wow, that would be really hard to beat. Natalia’s attacks can inflict deadly damage on enemy core heroes and can pick up marksman, mage, or enemy assassin heroes. Wow… well… it’s really going to be one of the meta heroes if this is how it is done. However, Natalia has a neft side, namely when nata is near the enemy, it can look like a camouflage mode like skill one possessed by Lesley.

So that’s the 5 hero gang who will be the meta hero in season 16 later. What do you think? Will this hero become a hero ban subscription in rank mode? We will see later.

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