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Mobile Legends X Big Babol: How to Get Epic and Diamond Skins

Mobile Legends X Big Babol – One way to get Mobile Legends skins and diamonds for free is through events. Now, Mobile Legends has collaborated with Big Babol in the Bigbabol X Mobile Legends event.

In this event, participants have the opportunity to win some attractive prizes, especially epic skins. For that, make sure you don’t miss out because the ML X Big Babol event only takes place from August 1 to October 31, 2022.

Well, if you are interested in participating in the Mobile Legends X Big Babol event, you can immediately see more details on how to follow it below.

Mobile Legends X Bigbabol event prize

For prizes, event participants have the opportunity to win the following types of prizes:

  • 10 Epic Skins per day
  • 20 Diamonds (@840) per day
  • 70 Heroes and Rare Hero Fragments per day

How to Join the Mobile Legends X Bigbabol Event

1. Buy Big Babol Products with Special Packaging for Mobile Legends Edition

The first step to take part in this event is to buy Big Babol products, namely Big Babol Mono or Big Babol Stick which packs a special Mobile Legends edition with a hero image, as follows.

Mobile Legends Big Babol Candy

You can buy Big Babol X Mobile Legends products through Minimarkets, Supermarkets to your favorite E-commerce.

Well, in this Big Babol bubble gum package, you have the opportunity to get a unique code. This code you can later use to get skins or diamonds.

2. Send Unique Code on Packaging

If you have received a unique code, then the following step is to exchange the code into a Mobile Legends redeem code. Here are 2 ways to exchange the unique Mobile Legends X Big Babol code:

  1. Send a unique code to WhatsApp Official to number 0813-8888-7551 with the format: BigBabolML(space)Unique Code#Full Name#Mobile Number#City or
  2. In addition, you can also send via the site Enter data such as name, code, WA number and city then press the Send button.

After Big Babol has verified and the unique code is correct, the Mobile Legends redeem code will be sent via your WhatsApp. For additional information, you can refer to the following points:

  • Save the packaging containing the unique code for verification.
  • Each player can only send 3 unique codes during the event.
  • The registered cellphone number must be the same as the number to send verification on WhatsApp.

3. Exchange Mobile Legends Voucher Code

The last step is to exchange the Mobile Legends redeem code through the official website to exchange gifts in the form of Epic Skins, Diamonds, Fragments. For how to exchange, please follow these steps:

  • Visit the official redeem site for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang at:
  • Then enter ID and server your MLBB, then click “send“.
  • Then open the MLBB game and check the verification code in the inbox menu in the upper right corner.
  • Return to the site, then enter the verification code and click “Redeem“.
  • Finally, claim your prize in the MLBB inbox.

Well, that’s the article about Mobile Legends X Bigbabol. You can try to follow to get skins and diamonds for free. That’s the article this time and hopefully it can be useful.

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