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Miya's Painful Item Build Tips to Get Savage

This is how to build the sick miya item so that savage continues to play Mobile Legend

mrfdn – If you are a beginner in playing mobile legend, you will get this one hero for free. You can learn to play the marksman hero by using Miya.

Because Miya is free, the build is quite easy to learn. On youtube, there are lots of tutorials on Miya’s build, starting from the sick, the maniac to the savage.

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Maybe you want to find out about the best builds for Miya. Here’s the tutorial.

the latest build miya mobile legends hurts

Miya’s advantages

  • Fast attack speed
  • Good burst damage
  • Good at doing push in late game
  • Pretty immune to crowd control heroes
  • Have a skill to freeze the opponent

Lack of Miya

  • Burst damage is short
  • There must be a lot of jungle at the beginning to build items
  • Not good for walking alone

Miya’s Skills

  • Miya’s 1st skill is useful for destroying minions more quickly.
  • Miya’s 2nd skill is useful for dealing burst damage and making enemies slow down, also when attacking towers. Miya will shower the target with arrows.
  • Miya’s 3rd skill will be useful when crowd control. Use this to escape if you are in a crowd. Because your speed will increase faster in a few seconds.


Battle spells for Miya


Emblem for Miya


Miya’s best build items

  • Deadly Blade
  • Rose Gold Meteor
  • Scarlet Phantom

Tips for playing hero Miya

At the beginning of the game, do farming as often as possible. Because Miya is very dependent on build items.

The faster you complete certain gold items, Miya’s power will be boosted.

If the build is solid, Miya will be able to fight tank heroes like Akai, Johnson, and support heroes like Nana.

If you’re not confident, don’t go near the hero

  • Fanny
  • Hayabusa
  • Lancelot
  • or other assassin heroes.

But if your team is solid you can definitely beat any hero.

The final word

In playing mobile legend, team cohesiveness is the main thing. Likewise when playing Miya’s hero, if you don’t get along with the team, you will quickly lose too.

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Those are the best Miya item build tips that hurt the most to get savage and gg in mobile legend.

good luck

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