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Many heroes in Mobile Legends have now been released. And many of them are easy to play and some are difficult to play. For heroes that are easy to play, it is very suitable for novice players. But there are heroes that are difficult to play for beginners and even take time to master. This time I will provide information about the list of heroes that are difficult to play for beginners (ti2ps version). What are the heroes, here is the list.

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1. Fanny

For the first position, the hero who is difficult to play is clear, namely Fanny. This hero is very difficult to play because Fanny relies heavily on her 2nd skill. Even Fanny got 100 points in terms of difficulty. Using skill 2 must be precise and fast and must also have good reflexes. In using skill 2, this hero must continue to hit his opponent if he often misses the energy will quickly run out. So it is recommended for those of you who are beginners or have never used Fanny to try to learn this hero first. Study in Custom – Vs al – Classic – Ranked.

2. Kagura

Kagura has a difficulty level of 88 points. No wonder this hero is the second hardest hero to play for beginners. The reason is that this hero has 6 skills. So before you play it, you have to really understand all of Kagura’s skills. Kagura is also one of the most agile heroes in Mobile Legends. Even this hero has become a banned subscription in the Epic tier and above.

3. Hayabusa

In the third place, there is an assassin hero with ninja characteristics, namely Hayabusa. This hero has a difficulty level of 84 points. The thing that makes this hero difficult to use is his 2 skill combo. With his 2nd skill Hayabusa can move to where the shadow he has issued. It is used for hit and run tactics. Sounds easy right? But when playing it the difficulty is very clear. You can try it if you’re curious.

4. Moscow

Furthermore, in fourth place there is a marksman hero, Moskov. Although now Moskov is rarely used since getting nerfed. But the sharpness is still very terrible. The proof is that this hero is a top player favorite. The thing that makes this hero difficult to play is the use of skills 1 and 2. If you carelessly use skills 1 or 2 it will only make it difficult for yourself or even your teammates. And also this hero has a short attack distance compared to other marksman heroes. It is very difficult to play this hero for experienced players, especially beginners.

5. Chou

Then in fifth place the most difficult hero in the ti2ps version is Chou. This hero is very difficult to play because in using Chou you must always use a combo. Chou can be said to have a complicated combo, with a 1-1-2-1-2-3 combo. Quite difficult to understand let alone put into practice. But Chou’s role is very useful because this hero can kidnap the opponent’s hero. And also this hero is the most annoying hero in the hands of a pro player. You will feel it if you meet pro Chou.

6. Jawhead

And the last one is the new hero, Jawhead. This hero becomes a hero who is quite difficult considering his troublesome skill 2. Skill 2 is able to throw minions, monsters, enemy heroes, even teammates. But in doing so is very difficult to do. You have to be right if you want to use skill 2. Thus it takes a lot of practice in using this hero.

Thus the list of Mobile Legends heroes that are difficult to play for beginners. Actually the list of heroes above is also very difficult to play even for experienced players. Therefore, keep practicing your hero until you are good. If you manage to master the hero then victory will be easy to achieve.