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How to Summon a Lord in Magic Chess! Autowin 100%!!!

Magic chess is a new game on mobile legend that has fans and enthusiasm of many players in this arcade mode. Here 8 Players will compete against each other on this Chessboard. You are required to buy and upgrade heroes and set the lineup to activate more and stronger synergies!

Activating Synergy as quickly as possible is a basic tactic on the battlefield. Each Hero belongs to a certain faction and role. When there is a different hero with a different faction or role in the field, the Synergy bonus effect will be activated. Only a good lineup can achieve high positions. Generally, use heroes with high defense in the front row and high damage ranged heroes in the back row. So in the preparation phase, you can adjust your lineup and formation.

In playing magic chess, you can set a strategy to play magic chess and pay attention to your opponent’s lineup and get a hero who can fight them. In the battle phase, you have to survive the attacks of monsters and other players. By saving extra gold, you can buy some heroes to fight your enemies. By defeating the enemy can slow down the speed of their Hero Upgrade to 3-Star.

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This time I will tell the synergy hero who can resurrect a lord. Guaranteed AutoWin!!!

Synergy Lord

Synergy that can awaken lords is Synergy Summoners. To resurrect a lord, you must have 4 synergy summoners heroes installed in the magic chess game. Here we need to need a different team hero type synergy summoners to activate this effect. If there are 2 synergy heroes summoners, Summon a Sacred Beast to join the fight. If there are 4 synergy heroes summoners, Summons additional Sacred Beasts to join the fight. Hero Summoners include Diggie, Sun, Zhask, Vexana.

This synergy is very useful because we automatically win in the number of heroes when fighting against enemies because we can summon lords to fight against enemies. In this synergy summoners there are 2 ways to summon Sacred Beasts to help us win the match in magic chess. First we have to activate 2 synergy summoners heroes to summon reinforcements into the fight. Here when we put 2 synergy summoners into the match, we can summon the Jawhead Robot. The resurrected hero will appear in the middle of the battle deck and this is also useful so that we have a strong Frontliner Hero. Second we have to activate 4 Hero synergy summoners to summon more reinforcements into the fight. After there are 4 hero summoners, the Lord will rise right in the middle of the battle deck.

After that we can combine the synergy summoners with the synergy dragon altar because this synergy dragon altar has a passive that can be eliminated every time a team hero is eliminated, this dragon altar hero can get 12% attack speed and get a shield equivalent to 12% max HP so a synergy combo this is very over power in terms of defense and attack.

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Tips to get synergy summoners and synergy dragon altar quickly
This synergy summoners and dragon altar combo is a dangerous combo in magic chess. This combo is effective in terms of both defense and attack. Passive from Synergy summoners who can resurrect lords and plus Synergy dragon altar which can gain 12% attack speed and get a shield equal to 12% max HP, we win the match easily.

Synergy Formation 4 Summoners + 6 Synergy Dragon Altar

  • Synergy Summoners: Zhask, Vexana, Diggie, Sun
  • Synergy Dragon Altar: Sun, Wanwan, Change, Akai, Ling, Baxia

How to get it fast:

  • Collect the synergy heroes that you got first
  • Set the formation that suits the synergy
  • Take advantage in the Round against attacks from jungle monsters in the selection phase to take synergy dragon altars, items, hero upgrades or commander capacity upgrades.
  • Take advantage of the commander’s passive to win the battle in magic chess

Hope it is useful

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