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How to Play Rise of Kingdoms Game Very Easy

How to Play Rise of Kingdoms Game Very Easy

How to play the game Rise of Kingdoms must be able to understand first before starting. The scale of priorities that will be carried out is different at the beginning and when the kingdom has grown. Therefore, it takes several steps in order to play correctly.

How to Play Rise of Kingdoms Game Correctly

Of you, you must have installed this game on your respective Android or PC. But there are those who don’t know what steps to take during the game.

Well, you don’t need to worry and be confused, because in this discussion it will be explained how to do it when this game will start. The method is as follows:

1. Choose the Type of Civilization

Choosing a Civilization Type

At the beginning of the game before it starts, you definitely have to choose the civilization first. Also make sure the selection of civilization according to your current style of play. Civilizations that you can choose from include Rome, Germany, Spain, England, Arabia, Byzantium, Ottoman, and Japan.

2. Develop a Civilization with Gems, VIP and Login

Develop a Civilization with Gems, VIP and Login

How to play the game Rise of Kingdoms is one of several games that have a VIP level that can be purchased with virtual currency known as gems. You can get these gems by completing the task first.

It is recommended that you do not use gems to buy other things. You can use it to level up in VIP. You can level up to 10 because it will make it easier to increase the speed of troop training instead of using the speed up boost speed.

If it’s your first time playing every day, you can get a prize in the form of a VIP chest. If you play every day, you can also get VIP coins with an increasing number every day.

3. Missions and Tasks

Missions and Tasks

How to play the game Rise of Kingdoms after choosing a civilization, then you can develop the civilization properly by completing missions and daily tasks. These tasks and missions have been designed to be completed in order to more quickly create an established empire/civilization in terms of resources, economy, strength, and military defense.

Each task and mission can be rewarded after a few hours of playing. You will also experience a temporary surplus of resources. Then use surplus resources as well as possible.

4. Alliance


This alliance has a very big role in how to play this Rise of Kingdoms game. One of them is when the ability to help and ask friends for help in one analysis in terms of upgrading or building a building. For each friend who has helped you, the time needed to build it is reduced.

You can make a contribution to the alliance and gain an advantage in terms of technology. In addition to only the advantages of territory, there are also many gift chests that are already available. Make sure to always have an active alliance so that can help.

5. Reconnaissance, Troops and Strength

Reconnaissance, Troops and Strength

How to play Rise of Kingdoms by sending your reconnaissance squad from the start. They would soon discover the Holy Sites, Mysterious Caves, as well as the Tribal Villages. The most important are Tribal Villages because they will often give out prizes without having to do a lot of research.

The civilization that you have chosen from the start will train as many troops as you can with your abilities. In addition, you can defeat the barbarian by using a more formidable level.

Well, those are some ways to play the game Rise of Kingdoms that you can learn very easily. By practicing every day, you will get better at it.

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