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How to Play Hero Ling from NOOB to PRO

This time, we will discuss how to play the sickest assassin hero, Ling.

Ling has a high Specialty Bust Damage, with a fairly high durability, and a fairly high level of difficulty as well. Ling is from Cyan Finch and I think of Ling as a mobile assassin killer, because he can jump from wall to wall making him reach the target faster and can also escape from enemy hero gangs. Not only that, his ultimate skill made him invincible when throwing it.

Now, I will share some tips and tricks on how to use Ling based on my experience. I’ll also teach you some combos and ling techniques to make you a pro.

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Hero Ling’s Skill Discussion

Passive Ling, Cloud Walker.
Ling’s powerful Lightness Skill helps him jump from wall to wall to catch up to the opponent and when on top of the wall, Ling will recover 2 additional Lightness points per second. You may ask, “What are Lightness Points?” Energy used every time you cast a skill. You can see the energy under Ling’s HP. Every time Ling deals damage to an opponent, he recovers an additional 5 Lightness points. And Ling’s Lightness Skill deals 30% Critical Change but reduces his Critical Damage by 60%.

Skill 1 Ling, Finch Poise.
Ling can jump towards the specified wall direction. Before we talk about the wall-jumping adventure, this Ling skill can permanently increase Critical Change by 5%. After Ling jumps against the wall, Ling will enter camouflage mode and recover Lightness point quickly. When Ling takes damage, he will come out of camouflage moe. If he is hit by Crowd Control, he will fall to the ground. When using this skill to jump from one wall to another, the cooldown of this skill will be refreshed and will also refresh the camouflage mode.

Skill 2 Ling, Defiant Sword.
Allows Ling to attack in a designated direction. After this, Ling will stab his closest opponent in a straight line, dealing physical damage. If Ling releases this skill while he is on a wall, he will dash to a designated spot on the ground and deal physical damage to enemies in a small area and slow them down by 45% for 0.75 seconds. If this attack deals critical damage, enemies in the area will be affected by an additional 45% slow effect for 0.75 seconds. Note that if this skill hits the enemy, it will regenerate Ling’s HP by a certain amount depending on the skill level. Also note that this skill will be able to trigger an attack as a basic attack and can restore 35 HP for ling every time it hits an opponent. Examples are Lifesteal effects, Endless Battle True Damage, and so on.

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Ling’s Ultimate Skill, Tempest of Blades.
Allows Ling to jump and cast his incredible sword skills. As long as it is invincible, Ling will become invincible and can move freely and deal damage to enemies in the area of ​​effect. When the enemy is in the area of ​​effect, it will cause an airborne effect for 1 second. This skill will also produce a Sword Field that will last for a few seconds. At the edge of the Sword Field, there will be 4 lightning swords. By touching one of them, Ling will have to refresh the second skill to be able to use it again. Taking Lightness points will restore 5 Energy Points.

There are so many items you can buy for Ling. You can focus on items that provide critical damage, physical attack items cooldown. You might consider building a “Kill then Back” if you want to focus on winning matches quickly. You can also consider when in our team there is no tank as a defense hero in your team. But other than that, you can choose a retribution battle spell to farm quickly.

As for starting items, you might consider buying a Raptor Machete. This item is a jungle item. So when buying this, I suggest you use the retribution spell. However, this item provides Physical Attack and Physical Penetration. Its unique attribute deals additional damage to monsters. Another unique passive of this item is Breakout. Every 10 seconds, the next basic attack will give additional true damage and can increase along with the growth of the hero’s level and can give a slow effect.

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