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How to Hide PUBG 2022 Popularity

How to Hide PUBG Popularity – In the PUBG Mobile game you can see the popularity of other players by visiting their profiles. In this profile section there are features that show the popularity of PUBG Mobile accounts ranging from hundreds to millions.

This amount of PUBG popularity can increase after getting gifts from other players ranging from chicken, motorcycle and airplane gift items that have different prices. Of course, having a lot of popularity points is a matter of pride for PUBG Mobile players.

However, some PUBG players choose to hide some statistics in their profiles such as KD, match results, skins and popularity points so that other players don’t know. Well, on this occasion Teknolalat will share how to turn off the popularity of the latest PUBG 2022, let’s see below.

How to Hide PUBG 2022 Popularity

To hide the amount of popularity in the PUBG Mobile account, you can do it through the settings on the profile. For more details, here are the steps to turn off the popularity feature in the PUBG Mobile game:

  1. The first step please go to the profile section then click the menu. Then click menu Edit in the upper right corner.
  2. Next select menu Connections or Connections at the bottom. Then turn off the option Details.
  3. Finished.

Well, that’s how to hide popularity in PUBG Mobile. And to bring back popularity, you simply reactivate the Details option on the Connection menu, how easy is it right? That’s all for this short article, I hope it’s useful.

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