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How to Change Mobile Legends Intro to Video Easily

How to Change Mobile Legends Intro – Mobile Legends is one of the most popular battle royale genre games in Indonesia.

This game is dominated by young people so its popularity is increasing from time to time.

No wonder there are some players who want to tamper with the appearance of their Mobile Legends so that it looks more unique.

One element that is often the subject of modification is the intro part of Mobile Legends.

There are several ways that can be done to change the Mobile Legends intro into another video game or even anime. How and what are the benefits? Check this out.

How to Change Mobile Legends Intro

There are two ways you can do to change the intro to your Mobile Legends game.

The first way is to use a script and the second way is to use the Mobile Legend intro change application.

From the name, of course, you already know that the second way will be easier to do. Because the second way is easier, you will be taught how to do it.

How to Use the Mobile Legends Intro Application

To use the application, of course, you have to download this Intro application first. You can search on google for the download link.

If it has been downloaded, then you can install it from an unknown source first.

If so, you can open the application and follow the instructions there. You will be asked to enter the video you want to use as an intro. Wait until the injection is 100% successful.

After the injection is 100% successful, then you can open your Mobile Legends game. Please see if there is a difference in the intro.

If the intro is still the same, then you can try restarting the phone first. Some devices do need to be restarted before loading anything new.

How to Turn an Intro Into an Anime Video

It was previously mentioned that you have the opportunity to turn the Mobile Legends intro into a video anime.

How to do it?

1. First, you have to download the desired anime video intro first. You can download it at the following      link.

2. After that, you can do the extraction with the phone's default application or other.

3. There, you will find a file called Splash.mp4.

4. Move the video to internal storage, to be precise in the android folder then data then com. mobile.          legends then file then dragon 2017 then audio then android.

If you do this method, then you don't need an intro application like the previous method.

You can try to retrace the data storage error if it turns out that the intro is still not to your liking.

That's how to change the Mobile Legends intro into a video that you like. The benefit of doing this is just to have fun and make the game look more interesting. Are you interested in trying it?

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