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How to Build Ling Items in Mobile Legends hurts

Learn to use the agile psysical type assassin Ling

mrfdn – In the past, there was a very agile mobile legends hero named Fanny, in the latest mobile legends update we have a hero who has the same good mobility skills. Her name is ling.

Hero ling is one of the new heroes who has very fast moving skills. In addition, Ling is also able to jump on the walls of the Land of Dawn maps. At certain spots the ling can even hide in the bushes above the wall which makes it very difficult for enemies to track.

Ling is an assassin type hero.

He will chase opponents who try to escape easily. Therefore, you can say this hero is one of the op (over power) heroes. Because of Ling’s agile ability to move from wall to wall, Ling is a difficult hero to catch.

Here’s a complete tutorial on ling and its advantages and disadvantages.

build ling mobile legends

Advantages of Ling

  • Easy to play than fanny
  • Critical damage that is too often makes the skill very lethal
  • On the wall he can fly and hide so the opponent can’t mess with him.

Skill 1 Ling

  • Skill 1 ling is used to escape. Do not be too wasteful to use it, leave it for critical situations.
  • Every time you upgrade skill 1, the critical chance ling will increase.
  • Skill 1 will make Ling fly over the wall.

Skill 2 Ling

  • Skill 2 ling is ling’s way of jumping down. If there is an enemy below, then Ling will automatically attack him. But if there are no enemies then that’s also okay.
  • Skill 2 can also be used to penetrate walls. This is useful for capturing enemies faster or killing buffs or monsters.
  • When doing skill 2, don’t go too far with the enemy.

Skill 3 Ling

  • Ling’s ultimate skill is very deadly and avoids enemies.
  • When Ling releases his ultimate skill, he will enter infisible mode, so he can’t be attacked by enemies.
  • When doing this 3 skill Ling will issue 4 swords and imprison the enemy with the sword. To maximize it, run to each of the swords when they are stuck to the ground, then every time you run to the swords the ling will attack the enemy as well.

build item Ling assassin mobile legends hurts

Lack of Ling

  • Not resistant to crowd control (cc) conditions
  • You have to get a lot of buffs to survive. Hero ling doesn’t use mana, but energy. In order to continue to get energy, Ling must often get buffs.

Build the best and the sickest ling item

  • Endless battle
  • Berserker fury
  • Nimble blade
  • Blade of the heptaseas
  • Immortality
  • Blade of despair

Battle spell ling for jungle

Just use it Retribution because Ling has to do a lot of farming at the beginning of the game. Retribution can make you farm faster.

The emblem that ling uses for the best builds

Use the emblem assassin to get true damage ling with set

  • Bravery 3/3
  • Fatal 3/3
  • Bounty hunter 1/1

If you don’t have an assassin emblem, use a physical emblem with a set

  • Vitality 3/3
  • Fatal 3/3
  • 1/1 . lift drain

Tips for playing hero ling mobile legends

  • At the beginning of the game, do farming, kill a lot of monsters, buffs, minions.
  • After the mid game, ling will increasingly dominate the game.
  • During the late game Ling will chase enemies one by one with his deadly skills, Ling can finish off marksman and support as well.
  • Try to buy endless battle items and berserkers fury as soon as possible.
  • When the ling is on the wall the ling will increase its lightness point.
  • The lightness point is a substitute for mana (it’s white).
  • Don’t be in a hurry to enter the war because the ling is very soft in the beginning.

The final word

Those are the tips for building Ling Mobile legends hero items. I’m also still learning to use it. Don’t forget to watch the video below to learn about this new hero.

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