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Hilda's build after being buffed the more painful damage can be offline

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Today I will give you more info about Mobile Legends heroes for sure. This time I will give the Latest Hilda Tank Fighter Build after being Buffed in Mobile Legends.

Latest Hilda Build

Hilda is a tank fighter hero who has a fairly high durability and offense which was recently buffed by Moonton. For Hilda’s difficulty level, it is very easy to have a passive that can regenerate HP when in the bushes, making Hilda an anti-recal. Hilda has skill 1 which can increase her movement speed which is good for chasing enemies or escaping. In addition, Hilda has the ultimate skill that can Slash with full power and cause effects to the target. With the presence of Hilda in this buff, maybe in the upcoming new season, this hero in Mobile Legends is starting to be taken into account. Here’s the Latest Hilda Build After the Buff, Check this out!.

The following items are Hero Hilda’s Power of Megalith.

Warrior Boots
The first item in Hilda’s Build is Warrior Boots, these items are armor shoes that can increase physical defense and also increase movement speed for Hilda. This armor shoe can further strengthen itself from enemy physical attacks.

The second item in Hilda’s Build is Oracle. This item is a defense item that can provide additional HP and magical defense and cooldown reduction. This item must be used by Hilda’s hero in addition to providing additional HP and magical defense, it can also increase Shield Absorption and HP Regen so that Hilda is not easily defeated. So this defense item must be purchased because it can increase defense and also speed up regenerating Hilda’s HP hero because there is an increase in HP regen. With this item Hilda is not easy to die and it can also make Hilda’s hero, who is now a hero, start to be reckoned with, guys.

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Bloodlust Ax
The third item in Build Hilda is Bloodlust Ax. This item is a physical item that can provide additional damage to the opponent. In addition, this item also provides a vamp spell or item that can regenerate HP based on skill damage. So the item is suitable for use by Hilda because Hilda is a hero who can do damage continuously so that it can regenerate HP and also give damage to opponents, guys.

Antique Cuirass
The fourth item in Build Hilda is Antique Cuirass. This item can provide additional Hp and also Physical Defense for Hilda who can strongly withstand the enemy. In addition, this item also regenerates Hilda’s HP so that it is not easily eliminated and can survive in battle. As an initiator, this item must be used by Hilda because when the opponent attacks, the item can reduce the enemy’s physical and magic attacks so that Hilda can last a long time from enemy attacks, guys. So with this item, Hilda has high defense.

Queen’s Wings
The fifth item in this hilda build is Queen’s Wings. This item is a defense item that can reduce the damage received. This item can also provide physical attack, additional HP and cooldown reduction. In addition, the item also has a passive when HP is below 40%, it can increase physical lifesteal for 5 seconds so Hilda can survive, guys. With this item Hilda becomes a hero who is not easily defeated.

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The last item in Build Hilda is immortality. The last item that is no less important is of course because with this item you can rise again after being defeated. So this item is also clearly mandatory for Hilda’s hero who can provide additional HP and physical defense. You can buy Immortality as the last item to buy because this is just in case when you are ganged by the enemy. Most Mobile Legends players are also a little late to buy defense items at the beginning of the game. So you can choose the last Immortality item so that’s ok.

This is the Latest Hilda Hero Build

Latest Hilda Items

Ok, come here first, guys! Next, I will give you more info about mobile legend heroes. If there are suggestions for what hero guides you want to discuss, you can contact me via the contact form below, I’ll review the Hero Guides later, ok!
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