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Here are 6 Mandatory Heroes for the Latest Banned Mobile Legends Season

OKEGUYS – On this occasion I will tell you, the hero must be banned in the ranked match season 18 and the reason why the hero must be banned.

It doesn’t feel right, guys, the mobile legend of the MOBA game produced by Moonton has entered season 18. How are you guys playing from season 1? surely each of you already understands which heroes must be banned in season 18, guys.

Because in this season a banned hero system has been implemented, each team is given the opportunity to ban 3 heroes who have skills or durability overpower in battle.

These are the heroes that you must ban in Season 18

By doing banned heroes who have big damage and skills that are quite effortless, helping you to win the game easily, guys.


helcurt-6 Hero must be Banned Mobile legends

This hero assassin must be banned, guys, because Helcurt has very high burst damage in the early game and late game.

Helcurt also has a passive silence skill that can make it difficult for his opponent when he is dealing one on one with him.

Another factor that makes this assassin banned is the ultimate skill which is very troublesome, by creating a dark map and limited visibility to his opponent for 3.5 seconds.

When Helcurt has issued his ultimate skill, we can only predict this assassin will gank, push, or be used to escape.

The point is you have to stay alert and always look at the minimap, guys.


Barats is a new hero this season, guys, and why should this hero be banned? Yes, because this hero has a Tank Fighter role that can be used to become a Tank or Fighter in matches.

Because it has a very high durability, this hero is often used as an offlaner or fighter.

You also have to watch out for this passive skill from Barats, guys, the more Barats grows, you better avoid one on one with him.

If you want to fight it is highly recommended to do a team gank. In addition to getting additional defense, the skills of Barats will also hurt more.

So for you assassin, mage, or marksman players, you should avoid Barats while doing war.

Because the ultimate from Barats can eat one opponent’s hero who is an important hero like Hyper Carry.

So your chances of winning the war will be very difficult.


Uranus 6 heroes must be banned from mobile legends

Uranus is the favorite tanker in the current meta, guys, but with the Hyper Carry meta, its position has shifted to a side line or offlaner.

But who would have thought that with Uranus being shifted as an offlaner, this hero has even become one of the most popular offlaners today.

Because it has high durability and HP regeneration, Uranus can also be relied on as the strongest offlaner at this time, because it is able to survive enemy gangs.

When the enemy ganks him, at least Uranus can provide space for his team to do farming or push on a different lane.


6 heroes must be banned

This one hero mage is no less great guys, Esmeralda is one of the favorite Tank Mage heroes in the current meta.

Due to its high durability and shield absorption, Esmeralda is often used as an offlaner. In addition to having high durability, Esmeralda also has a shield absorb skill that can withstand the damage of her opponent.

No wonder in the current meta, Esmeralda is often used as a complement to tanks rather than being a mid lane, as well as being a mandatory hero banned in season 18.


Hilda is one of the Tank Fighter heroes who is often played as an offlaner, this hero has high durability and damage.

Recently Hilda has been remodeled by Moonton, so in the current meta Hilda is more often played as an offlaner.

In addition to having the ability to absorb shields when in the bush, this hero also has an ultimate that can kill an opponent’s core hero.

The skill of Hilda depends on the number of assists or kills in the match. The more assists or kills Hilda has, the higher the level of damage will be.

Next is Hilda’s passive skill, this skill regenerates HP and activates shield absorb when Hilda is in the bush.


Khaleed is one of the new fighter heroes also in Mobile Legends. Hero fighter complete package with painful damage, high durability, and fairly balanced mobility.

This hero is equipped with the ability to burst damage and high HP regeneration, just like an offlaner in general. Basically Hero offlaner has a high HP regeneration skill.

Khaleed is also equipped with his ultimate abilities that are area and crowd control (making the enemy unable to move).

Well, that’s an explanation of 6 heroes that must be banned from Mobile Legends in season 18. Which hero do you think is the hardest to beat?

Hopefully this article can be useful and can be a good source of information for mobile legends players.

Author: Arif Prasetyo

Editor: Ilhami Fajri

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