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GTA VI Making Official Confirmed by Rockstar Games

After many rumors circulated about the game GTA VI. Now finally Rockstar has opened up about the latest series of the most famous open-world games on earth.

According to reports from my box, Rockstar’s next big project which is still in its early stages. And this next project is a new game for the series Grand Theft Auto aka GTA, which will be released in “medium” size and will receive updates in the future.

They really didn’t mention the title of the game GTA this. However, some time ago, one of the voice actor for this game, it has been announced to the public regarding his involvement, where he entered the cast of the game GTA entitled GTA VI. However, he was reluctant to provide further details due to the agreement in his contract which had to keep or limit the information he disclosed.

It’s only natural that the production is still in the early stages, because Rockstar is still taking care of the DLC for some of their new games like GTA V and RDR 2. It’s impossible, the two big games didn’t get any improvement or DLC to expand the features in the game.

Moreover, there is an online mode in both games that requires updating the latest content and fixing it bugs that appears in the game.

Rockstar’s reason for slowing down the series GTA the latest, also based on the protests that came. The studio was under fire when information revealed that some members of this developer worked more than 100 hours per week while making Red Dead Redemption 2. So it’s not surprising that they are trying to make even better adjustments to develop GTA VI.

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