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Finally, Bleeding Edge Game is Officially Released!

After being awaited by many people, especially Xbox users, Ninja Theory finally officially released the game Bleeding Edge on Tuesday (24/03).

Bleeding Edge is a close combat game is played online multiplayer. This game is released exclusively for Xbox One and PCs with Windows 10 operating system. What is the game like? Let’s take a peek at the trailer below:

There are 12 characters available to choose from, most of which have melee attacks, and some of which have ranged attacks. All characters belong to one of three classes: Damage, Support or Tank. There are three bars for different abilities that drop when the player uses a special ability. Every ability has a period cooldown myself too.

For those of you who like close combat games, you should try this game. In addition to the gameplay that looks pretty funthis game is also played in an online mode which is certainly more exciting because it is against real people.

Games Bleeding Edge can be played via the Xbox One console if you already have an Xbox Game Pass. Meanwhile, for those of you who want to play it on PC, you have to buy it via Steam for $30.

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