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Explore the Ancient World in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Pokemon Company announced three new games, one of which is Pokemon Legends: Arceus. In this game, you will explore the Hisui area freely. This time, Pokemon Legends: Arceus will give players the opportunity to play in an open world. You will be treated to a beautiful wide view.

Of course, as the latest Pokemon game, there will be new features that have not been in the previous game. For those of you who are interested in this Pokemon series, see the information below.

1. A slightly different concept from the previous series

Pokemon games that we know so far have the same game concept. We start from a small town, then get an assignment from the Pokemon professor to complete the Pokedex and become a Pokemon Champion. The area that you can explore is also sometimes limited by the storyline.

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you are given more freedom in exploring the world. You could say this open-world concept looks like a combination of the previous Pokemon games, namely Pokemon Sword and Shield with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In addition to a more open world, Pokemon's battle system is also slightly different from a number of previous games.

2. Explore the world before Sinnoh

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set several hundred years before the world of Pokemon that exists today. At this time, the relationship between humans and Pokemon is still not as harmonious as it is now. You will explore an area called Hisui which will later be referred to as the Sinnoh area.

The Hisui area is divided into four regions, each with a unique climate. The Pokemon that exist in each area are also different from each other. Meanwhile, in the middle of Hisui stood Mt. Strong Coronet.

3. New Pokemon

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you will still be given the opportunity to choose one of three starter Pokemon. You can choose Cyndaquil with the fire element, Rowlett with the leaf element, or Oshawott with the water element. The starter Pokemon you choose will be your first partner when exploring Hisui.

Although there are no new starter Pokemon, in the Hisui area there are several Pokemon with different shapes from the usual, such as those in the Alola and Galar areas. Currently, there are four Pokemon that have Hisui's special form namely Braviary, Growlithe, Stantler, and special changes for Stantler to Wyrdeer and Basculin to Basculegion.

4. Create a Pokedex for the first time

As previously explained, Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes place hundreds of years before previous Pokemon games. Therefore, the development of existing technology is also not as sophisticated as the previous series. Technologies like Pokedex don't exist either.

Here, you will be asked to list the existing Pokemon. The data from the Pokemon that you have created will be collected into the first Pokedex. Then, to complete information about Pokemon, you don't just have to catch them. You should see this Pokemon do what it says in the Pokedex request.

5. Interaction with Jubilife villagers

In Hisui, you will meet other people in Jubilife village. This village itself will later be known as Jubilife city, a Metropolitan city in Sinnoh. Jubilife Village is the life center of the Hisui area where you can enjoy the various services available, as well as get assignments from the Galaxy team.

Jubilife Village has a Japanese-like atmosphere with traditional knick-knacks. Later you can also meet other players. You can communicate, travel, and even exchange your Pokemon.

6. Join the Galaxy Team

You will later play as Akari (female) or Rei (boy). Here, you are a member of the survey team of the Galaxy team. You will be asked by Professor Laventon to list every Pokemon in Hisui.

You will also meet Captain Cyllene who is the leader of the Galaxy survey team. Not only that, but you can also meet the leader of the Galaxy team, Commander Kamado.

The characters here have some similarities to the characters in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. In the story, they are the ancestors of existing characters such as Professor Rowan and Captain Cyrus. Akari and Rei themselves have similarities with the main characters in the Pokemon series, namely Dawn and Lucas.

7. Release time

For now, you still have to be patient waiting for Pokemon Legends: Arceus to be playable. This game will be released on January 28, 2022. For now, you can enjoy the given trailer or play other available Pokemon games.

For those of you who are very enthusiastic, you can pre-order this game from now on. For those of you who buy and play this game before May 9, 2022, you can get the Kimono Hisuian Growlithe costume. Then, there is an additional bonus of 30 Heavy Balls that can help you catch wild Pokemon that can be claimed before May 16, 2022.

You just read an article about Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Are you interested in this latest Pokemon series? Just  pre-order this game and get the attractive bonuses offered

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