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Effective Ways to Increase PUBG Mobile Ranking Quickly Without Cheats

Here are tips to rank up PUBG mobile quickly and easily

mrfdn – Before I discuss this article, you need to know again that

Playing pubg is all about survival, not who shoots the most enemies.

Then who can survive until the end of the game, will get high points. Even if he died before the chicken dinner.

play-pubg-with-squad-team-to-rank up

What makes PUBG Player rankings go up?

The answer is points.

The lower the percentage rate of our loss, the higher the points obtained.

The explanation is like this.

There are 3 types of rankings that are enforced in the pubg mobile game. That is

  • solo rank, (solo vs squad and solo vs solo.)
  • squad duo (2 people), dan
  • squad team (4 people).

For solo rank, you inevitably have to fight 100 enemies. Ranking up in solo mode isn’t due to you shooting more enemies than others, but your ability to survive to the end.

To get high rank points in solo mode, you should stay in the top 10.

If you play duo squad, you will fight 50 teams. The more you are able to survive until the end, the higher the score you will get. Even if you don’t kill a lot, or die before getting chicken dinner.

Furthermore, for those who play team squad (4 people), you will fight 25 teams.

Playing with a team of 4 people is the fastest way to rank up.


Because even if your team dies faster than you, and you can survive until chicken dinner, or close to chicken dinner, the points you get will be a lot.

Another advantage of playing squad is that it is easier for us to survive until the top 10.

Pro tips :: If you are playing in a team, and you die first than the team, don’t rush out of the game. If your team is good at playing, you will get points, but if you leave while they are still playing, then your points are certainly minus, and the impact on the reduction of bonus points that will be earned by your friends.

Play with PUBG cheats

You must have often heard the term cheat. Now there are more and more cheaters in pubg. The motive is the same, namely wanting to be known to have a high ranking in the pubg mobile universe.

If you find a person or team playing pubg cheats, report it.

How to count points in PUBG mobile?

If you die first and there are still a lot of enemies left, then the points you get are minus.

If you are able to stay in the top 10 then you will get quite a lot of points. Even if you don’t have chicken dinner.

The points will be accumulated by how often you help a friend, how accurate your target is, and so on.

Tips for playing PUBG Mobile so you can rank up fast

– Get off in a safe place.

If you are a new player, direct the team to get off in a safe place.

Don’t follow the tutorials of pro players on youtube, who drop in crowded places in Sanhok such as the Ruins, Paradise Resort, and other crowded places. This is to prevent you from dying quickly at the beginning of the game.

Because as I said at the beginning, it is the one who survives to the end who will get the most points. Even if it kills a bit.

The players who play on YouTube have proven their skills. Not a few of them entered the esports team, such as Benny Moza on the RRQ team, or Zuxxy on the BTR team.

And it can be seen that their game is a bar-type game. They are looking for enemies, not enemies looking for them. yes kan!.

You better find a safe place to get off the first time. Keep the team together to survive until the end of the game. Then look at the bonus points you get, it will definitely be high and your rank will go up faster.

– Choose a team that is good at playing

– Avoid small mistakes such as looting too much to ignore the surrounding area and finally being killed by an undetected enemy

– Make sure you use good graphics settings and the best PUBG controls are comfortable, this will make it easier during play

– If you play with a squad, don’t have an individual mentality. Make sure to activate your conversation.

– Learn to make decisions to go forward or attack.

– Frequent practice

The final word

By knowing these tips, of course you can choose which one you will use as a reference to start ranking up.

If high ranking is your goal, my advice is to play with a team of 2 or 4 people.

But if you are more comfortable playing in solo rank, you have to be able to survive above the last 10 people alive, even to chicken dinner in order to get a lot of points.

So these tips, leave your comments below, and thank you. 🙂

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