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Dare to Try? 5 Most Scary Games Ever!

Not only scary, the most terrible games are also able to carve lots of records and have a big influence on modern horror games, you know.

A terrible game is indeed able to bring feelings of fear and panic to the players.

If you’re mentally ready to play the scariest game in the world, let’s take a look at the review that Okeguys will share below.

The Most Horrifying Game of All Time

1.Outlast (2022)

Outlast will invite you to conduct an investigation in a mental hospital in which there are secrets as well as terrible terror.

You will only be provided with a camcorder with a night vision feature to see in the dark. There is no such thing as power or any equipment to survive.

2.Dead Space 2 (2011)

If you want to experience a terrible game both psychologically and visually, Dead Space 2 is the answer.

This game with a space background is able to make anyone scared so horrified.

Outer space with a myriad of mysteries, plus the existence of alien hybrid creatures and terrible humans will make you have nightmares. Still dare to try?

3.Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010)

Maybe many of you already know Amnesia: The Dark Descent from YouTuber, PewDiePie. This game managed to skyrocket his name, you know.

Even though it’s only an indie game, Amnesia manages to present a gameplay mechanic and style that is widely followed by modern games.

You have the task of controlling a man in exploring a horror castle, solving puzzles, and also escaping from being chased by terrible creatures that made him lose his sanity.

4.PT (2022)

PT or Playable Teaser is a demo of the game Silent Hill directed by Hideo Kojima and also Guillermo del Toro.

Although a game teaser, this short game is able to make fans of horror games crazy.

This demo game is really a masterpiece. However, after releasing the demo of this game, Konami even canceled the release of this game, and dismissed Kojima dishonorably.

Even though it’s only a short demo, the scariest game in the world has an impact that far exceeds most horror games. Just try it when it’s released.

5.Aliens: Isolation (2022)

Alien: Isolation is set after 15 years of events in Aliens (1979).

Unlike games from the previous Alien film franchise, this game has stealth and survival gameplay. You will feel a very terrible terror the same as that felt by Ripley in the Alien movie.

Well, that’s the scariest game recommendation. Good luck and don’t forget to share this information, OK!


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