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Call of Duty Warzone Game with New Game Modes and Features

Call of Duty Warzone Game with New Game Modes and Features

The Call of Duty Warzone game has now re-entered a new season. The gamers of the battle royale genre are entering their fourth season. In a number of updates last June, Activision has presented some of its newest features in this game in its fourth season. Previously there were only 150 people in the match, now it can be up to 200 people.

Update Call of Duty Warzone Game with Latest Features

Update Call of Duty Warzone Game with Latest Features

Users can join squads of up to four people. Of which there are 50 squads that can fight in one match. Not only that, but players will also receive a weapon in the form of a Rytec AMR sniper, namely a Caliber weapon.

There is also a Spotter Scope, which allows gamers to monitor opponents from a height. This Spotter Scope has an ability that can prevent the effects of reflection from the lens light so that players cannot be detected by enemies.

In addition, Activision also presents a Juggernaut Royale mode that will allow gamers to fight as the role of the Juggernaut, which is a very strong game character in the game.

In the middle of the game there will be a package that contains items and will appear in a random way. The package can contain a number of items that can turn gamers into Juggernauts. There are two types of packages, namely containing super thick armor from Juggernaut and containing mini gun weapons from Juggernaut.

With the Latest Multiplayer Features

In the Call of Duty Warzone game, gamers will get an update from a map called Cheshire Park, where players can fight in the middle of the London city area in England. There is also a Team Defender mode, which is a game of capture the flag.

From here the players will be required to form the cooperation of each member. Because if one of the teams fails to defend the flag, it is considered that the team lost. COD Warzone will also present a Starter Pack containing in-game items that can help gamers join the game.

The Starter Pack will also include an item from the Shotgun Amalgun Blueprint, Breathing Easy Card, Krueger Alchemist Epic Skin, EXP Battle Pass, Vulture Culture Emblem, and Weapon. This Call of Duty Warzone game can be played cross-platform (cross-play) on PC, Xbox One and also PlayStation 4.

The existence of Battle Royale and Plunder

This Call of Duty Warzone game offers two modes, namely battle royale and plunder. In battle royale, it’s similar to the battle royale mode in similar games. Gamers will also fight in groups against other members.

They will fight on an island and the last group that can survive is considered the winner. In plunder mode, that is because each player kills each other just for cash and the other players only match their contract targets in the match.

Warzone is also on the map of Verdansk, which is a city that has more than 300 challenging points. Each zone also has different landmarks such as Dam Gola or Gorengard Lumber Yard in the rural and urban zones.

The Call of Duty Warzone game has a very large capacity, which is around 83GB and even up to 101GB. You can immediately download and install this game so you can enjoy it very fun and easy.

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