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Build Ruby High Damage Lifesteal Kenceng Auto OP

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Today I will give more info about Mobile Legends for sure. We will discuss the Latest Ruby Build High Damage Kenceng Lifesteal in Mobile Legend.

Build Hero Ruby Hurts

Ruby is a Fighter Tank hero specializing in Crowd Control Regen which has High Damage and High Lifesteal. Ruby has skill 1 which can slash with her scythe forward and cause a slow effect to the enemy it hits. In addition, Ruby has the ultimate skill that can attract opponents towards her and cause a stun effect. So you can use this skill for open war. Try to attract all the enemies so that your team can help attack the enemy. Even though Ruby has extraordinary damage skills, it takes the right item that can support the skills of this Ruby hero. The following is the Painful Ruby Build in Mobile Legend, Check this out.

Here are the items for Hero Ruby Little Red Hood.

Magic Shoes
The first item in Ruby’s Build is Magic Shoes. These shoe items are cooldown reduction shoes that can reduce cooldown skills and also increase movement speed for Ruby.

Endless Battle
The second item in Build Ruby is an Endless Battle item. The item is a physical item that supports the abilities of the Ruby hero, of course with this item Ruby will get a physical lifesteal which is very important for fighter heroes like Ruby. In addition, Endless battles also Physical, HP, additional Cooldown Reduction, and passive can provide additional physical attacks as true damage. So with the help of this item Ruby can farm in the forest or recover HP quickly.

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Haas’s Claws
The third item in Build Ruby is Haas’s Claws. This item is a physical item that can provide additional physical damage to the user. This item must be used by ruby ​​because in addition to providing physical damage, this item can also give lifesteal to ruby. In addition, this item is also passive when HP is low, then this item can provide additional lifesteal to its users. So ruby ​​can have a high lifesteal and not be easily defeated.

Queen’s Wings
The fourth item in Build Ruby is the Queen’s Wings item. This item is a defense item that can provide additional HP, physical attack and cooldown reduction. In addition, this item can also reduce enemy damage. So this defense item must also be used by Ruby because in addition to reducing damage it can also provide a high lifesteal effect so that Ruby becomes a hero who is not easy to beat. With that Ruby will become a very deadly hero in all aspects of physical attacks Starting from Physical Attack, Critical damage, Item defense and also lifesteal of course.

Blade of Despair
The fifth item in Build Ruby is a Blade Of Despair item. This item is a high physical damage item that can significantly increase Ruby’s Hero Damage. With this item Ruby can provide very high Physical Attack Damage so that the opponent is quickly eliminated. In addition, if Ruby meets an opponent whose HP is low, this item will increase Ruby’s additional physical attack so that Ruby can inflict very deadly damage on her enemy.

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The last item in Build Ruby is an Oracle item. This item is a defense item that can provide additional HP and magical defense and cooldown reduction. This item must be used by this Ruby hero in addition to providing additional HP and magical defense, it can also increase Shield Absorption and HP Regen so that Ruby is not easily defeated. So this defense item is very mandatory for you to buy because it can increase defense and also speed up regenerating this Ruby hero’s HP because there is an increase in HP regen. With this item Ruby is not easy to die and it can also make Ruby’s hero a feared hero.

This is the Painful Ruby Hero Build

Ruby item hurts

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